Transformation In Automotive Landscape

Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, February 15, 2019

Mavens of automotive industry can no longer be mere witnesse of the advent of revolutionary technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, and big data. Therefore, it is necessary for businesses to sleeve up and foresee the upcoming trends in the landscape that probably would require them to modify their operational strategies.

Connectivity to Go Ubiquitous

Several years of patience and efforts have finally resulted in the emergence of connected cars, resulting in demand for connectivity in each vehicle. Presently, travelers prefer to be connected with social and professional aspects even if they are on the go. And since, voice assistant and cloud technology have already established applications capable of catering the same; the demand for connectivity in cars is gaining an upswing. Experts anticipate that the growth in digitalization and advancement in technology will result in increased investment touching the billion mark.

Digital Trade of Vehicles

Technological advancements have enabled customers to experience the vehicles even without visiting the physical showrooms. Digital showrooms build by brands now facilitate their customers to have an insight into their preferred car through AR tools. Such an immersive experience is currently leading the industry towards complete digital buying and selling of vehicles especially cars. Already many buyers have switched to digital platforms, and soon vehicle trade would transform into digital.

AR in Safety and Manufacturing

Augmented reality applications can herighten driver’s safety. For example, drivers using AR tools will be able to have an augmented view of vehicles ahead of them allowing them to make safe driving decisions. In manufacturing, AR tools can augment the view of components permitting technicians and engineers to see the faults precisely and carry out maintenance job effectively.  

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