Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, May 21,2020

Feature of the Week

The automotive industry is changing and the automakers are relying on technology to change the future of the industry.  Read more
The ever increasing safety requirement in the automotive sector has led to rapid developments with major innovation in the area of passive and active safety.  Read more
Everyone desires to drive a connected car that has internet access and enable the devices, both inside and outside the car, to interact with each other.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Craig Douglas, VP & CIO, Safelite AutoGlass  
The economic savings that the cloud provides cannot be ignored. But because the pace of migrating applications and infrastructure to the cloud is accelerating, it creates a challenge in that reliance on.  Read more
By James Seevers, CIO & GM, Toyoda Gosei  
Cars! To many people, the word conjures memories of freedom, raw power, and the first purchase we were able to afford as we started off on our own life, separate from our parents.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Raj Kanaya, GM for Auto,   
Aeris’ modular, end-to-end software suite for the connected car sets the company apart. The Aeris Mobility Suite provides automotive companies with the software components required to build and monetize a global connected vehicle program...  Read more
By Carola Jonas, CEO,   
Everty offers a cloud-based charging station management system that adds value to both EV drivers and charging operators. The company offers a cloud-based charging station management platform to operators to help monitor, manage, and monetize...  Read more
By Ronen Gabbay, Founder and CEO,   
TrekAce Technologies delivers groundbreaking navigation, communication, and situational-awareness innovations that excel where others fail. The patented solutions of TrekAce include GPS/non-GPS navigation, situation awareness, 3D mapping,...  Read more

CXO Insights

By David Silver, Head of Self-Driving Cars, Udacity  
The growth and potential of autonomous vehicles is leading new entrants to the automotive industry, creating many new opportunities.  Read more
By Radovan Miucic, Technical Fellow/Team Lead, Changan US R&D Center, Inc.  
A precompetitive consortium within the auto industry might be a more efficient way to reach the goal of a fully autonomous vehicle  Read more
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