Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Sep 29, 2022

Feature of the Week

Many of the same problems that plagued the automotive sector last year are still present  Read more
Automotive companies need to understand the current and relevant technology trends to optimally prepare for the software, hardware  Read more
Industry experts and executives opine that remote human supervisors must permanently assist robot drivers in trouble.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Steve Ducros, Principal & Nathan Mowery, Principal,   
Intelligent Pole Base (IPB) is an innovative light pole base structurally engineered to be used with any pole and at any location. It is a patented weatherproof housing that can encase advanced technological components used to power service...  Read more
By Mr. Tyson Tongi, CEO,   
Sator Tech is an EV charging solutions developer that provides distributed energy storage and charging solutions to the electrical energy consumption by traditional energy companies, car OEMs, and real estate and property operators.  Read more

Industry Contributors

By Moshe Pourad, Co-founder, 26 Motors  
Technology has helped shape the car-buying experience by making it paperless, which is one of the best things to happen in the industry.  Read more
By Hannes Prenn, President and CEO, Marelli Electric Powertrain  
No one had imagined that electric vehicles, one day, would become this mainstream. The world is reaping several benefits of it, while several governments worldwide subsidised.  Read more
By Stefan Gudmundsson, Chief Innovation Officer, Karma Automotive LLC  
Vehicles have been connected to the internet since the 90’s, when this concept was termed “telematics.  Read more
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