Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, July 30,2020

Feature of the Week

With pedestrian safety and convenience in mind, the European Union (EU) recently passed a law which will require every electric car in Europe to emit audible noise.  Read more
The introduction of advanced technologies has changed the buying and selling method in the auto industry, so dealers have to adopt creative ways to boost sales.  Read more
If the buyers think that the vehicle service contract or an extended warranty is not valuable, they can easily cancel the policy and can get a refund quickly.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Sherry Aaholm, VP & CIO, Cummins [NYSE:CMI]  
When looking at the benefits of cloud computing, you have to start with customer satisfaction. Customers are demanding high levels of services in return for their loyalty.  Read more
By Raman Mehta, CIO, Visteon Corporation [NASDAQ:VC]  
The level of software usage in the vehicles is on the raise, so we need to get involved with product development organizations and bring in agile methodologies to develop faster turnaround times around the software development.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Travis Wise, Vice President of Sales,   
DealersLink is a live market-data-driven new and used auto-dealership inventory management solution coupled with a billion dollars worth of on-demand dealer-direct inventory. The company leverages the best competitive retail pricing analytics, VDP...  Read more
By David Steinberg, Founder & CEO,   
Foureyes has developed a sales intelligence software built to help businesses track, protect, engage, and sell better. It is a modularized software with solutions geared to the needs of inventory-based businesses. The company helps auto...  Read more
By Rex Lamb, President,   
goIDitoffers a QR code-based solution to amplify the usefulness of online sales tools that can act as a virtual salesperson. The company has intuitively designed its solution around the speedy resourcefulness of QR codes. goIDit’s wireless...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Paul Herbach, Director of Automotive Technology, Olympic Steel [NASDAQ: ZEUS]  
Segregated aluminum scrap is much more valuable to the mill because it allows a much higher degree of melt shop efficiency.  Read more
By Steven Atneosen, Managing Director, Grand Chasm Ventures  
The best sustainable solutions will have a market relevance that makes them extremely profitable and scalable. The TAB of sustainable mobility solutions are global and unlimited as the threat becomes more evident to people.  Read more
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