Anticipated Role of Artificial Intelligence in Connected Vehicles Security

Auto Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 31, 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is leading the path of automation for industries. The automotive industry is soon to fulfil its long-awaited dream of autonomous vehicles with the help of AI and IoT. Modern vehicles include various IoT devices to perform automated jobs, but being an essential part of cars and vulnerable to cyber attacks can result in a threat to connected vehicles.

As security is utmost important for passenger and public safety, car manufacturers look up to AI for the same. The technology is already being used for cybersecurity and can easily be modified for automation and security at the same time.

AI solutions can be built to address the issues of hacking connected cars efficiently. It would be able to detect signs of cyber infection in the network by monitoring vehicles data. Sensor and other IoT devices data would help the AI interface to flag the abnormal behavior that strays from the baseline of activity. After which the abnormality can be brought to attention to car’s security operations center for analysis, pote

ntially identifying the root of the problem.


AI is capable to learn from previous data creating a behavioral profile of devices and accordingly respond to abnormalities, making the network of connected cars secure.

Ensuring vehicle security and refraining crash can also be done through an advanced avatar the technology known as ‘Emotional AI’. Driver’s facial expressions have a lot to tell about his/her mental condition which affects driving the most. AI interface can easily detect signs of sleep and drowsiness through facial expressions and eye movements enabling it to trigger alert alarms in severe situations.

Such interfaces can also be integrated with the connected car’s IoT devices to trigger emergency breaks and alarms for nearby devices.

Apart from security, AI can provide each driver with a personalized driving experience by comprehending his/her pattern on the same vehicle. Biometric authentications, comprehensive vehicle tracking, and predictive maintenance are few other crucial aspects of AI technology in the automotive industry.  

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