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Importance of the Virtual Chassis for Automated Vehicles

By Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Automation has long been a part of the automobile industry. With increasing levels of automation, the underlying infrastructure, or to be specific, the virtual chassis of these vehicles must be understood and worked upon well to make the business sustainable.

Fremont, CA: Automation in the automotive industry is a trending topic today with the buzzwords being, autonomous, electric, and connected. Manufacturing vehicles that would meet these expectations require precise designs and excellent Artificial Intelligence algorithms with millions of codes. It is interesting that there are external codes, which provide additional data.

The importance of virtual chassis has been recognized as the principal shield for facing the approaching software struggle. Let’s take a look at three key touchpoints of user experience, which help gain a better understanding of how complex can the software requirement become.


The 'use' feature of vehicles has been a primitive mandate focusing on how users would use different parts of the vehicles. But a drift has been noticed as the emphasis is laid upon off-vehicle functionalities, which are not visible to the end users. The recent launch of the over-the-air update by Tesla has raised performances by 10 percent. The dynamic navigation systems have incorporated real-time data, providing updated route and direction information. The future will witness more of real-time data, making driving experiences seamless and effortless.

Top 10 Automotive Technology Solution Companies in UK - 2019Maintenance

With every step in enhancing the features, the underlying codes become more complex. As it takes a huge deal of effort to design and manufacture, maintenance of such vehicles is sensitive. In order to make this less tedious and cost-effective, experts suggest the association of several Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that can simulate and predict the requirements of the vehicles in terms of their maintenance and also prevent them from damages. This also reduces the warranty of the manufacturers and provides helpful recommendations for future manufacturers.

The big data coming from these require complex dashboards, algorithms, and communication interfaces. The Anark platform and several AI engines help in information management and data analysis. However, different IT and Marketing professionals are required to deal with the different combinations of customer use cases and vehicle designs.


Amidst the pandemic, the online mode of purchase has become more popular. Test drives are being scheduled online, and vehicles are being home delivered. With the rising sophistication in automation, soon, cars will reach to their buyers’ addresses automatically. Many users have evidently raised a demand to know about the utilization and revenue generation based on their fleet. Considering such features will employ more complex algorithms and user-friendly interfaces.

However, it is seen that some of the touchpoints may vary from region to region. EDeliver4U, meal delivery robots might be accepted in selected areas of China but unacceptable elsewhere. This indicates that region based flexibility must prevail in the infrastructure. It is important that both on and off- vehicle must strategically lay down a platform that can make the business sustainable with the keys of cohesive plans and appropriate virtual chassis.

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