Advantages of Using Test Automation Plays in Functional Testing

Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, September 24, 2021

Test Automation plays a vital role in functional testing because it can enhance turnaround time, quality, and stability of the testing process.

FREMONT, CA: During the software development and application building software life cycle, it is common to see that the essential element, software testing, is paid less emphasis. The value of software testing, and the impact of privacy breaches or bug attacks, is overstated. No matter how minor, any loss can severely harm the business and brand image, resulting in customer migration. As a result, it is frequently advised to test often. Automated Functional Testing has its set of applications and effects in the testing process. Let's look at why automation is so crucial in functional testing.

What is Test Automation?

Test automation is a technology that involves scripts and appropriate technologies to automate the testing process. Additionally, once the scripts are complete, they are being used to automatically generate the test cases, increasing total coverage, and efficiency. Automation testing is ideal for larger projects that need repeat testing or projects that have previously passed manual testing.

Aspects Significant For Test Automation for Functional Testing

Selection of Best in Industry Tools for Test Automation

To guarantee the success of the test automation plan, businesses must choose the most up-to-date and appropriate tools that provide ease of use, automation speed, technological support, reusability, and maintainability. They must particularly support DevOps, cross-platform support, and many more.

Set up of the correct test environment

Another requirement is to provide a favorable test environment as close to the production environment as possible, such as the hardware and software settings.

Building up a team with an appropriate skillset

The team's skill set determines the test automation's ultimate success. To complete the project successfully, the appropriate mix of talents and knowledge is required.

Selection of Right cases to Automate

Business-critical testing cases are the best test cases for test automation since they must pass in every way. On the other hand, other test cases are those that are conducted frequently and are too tiresome to run manually and those that are time taking. 

Maintain the test suite

When new functions are added to the program, the test automation scripts must be adjusted, or new scripts must be created. The testing procedure must be constantly upgraded, updated, and convenient to manage to boost automation's efficiency.

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