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Ian Stillie, CEO, ZPN EnergyIan Stillie, CEO
It was the 12th of December, 2015, when leaders of 197 countries attended the Paris Climate Change Summit to decide their strategies on combating climate change. As one of the most crucial and ambitious global climate meetings ever held, the summit aimed to form a binding and universal agreement to limit the carbon footprint worldwide. Fast forward to the present-day, several visionary companies have taken up the torch to lead the world to a better tomorrow. One such company is ZPN Energy, a UK-based fast-growing Energy Technology (EnTech) provider that designs, develops, and implements infrastructure technologies to win the fight against climate change. True to its goal to support zero-emission globally, the company deploys revolutionary smart green energy solutions across, including charging technology which delivers rapid and ultra-rapid 50kW AC and DC charge capacity, Energy Management System (EMS), High Power Storage and ZPN Media. The products enable Green Smart Cities, EV Market Growth and integrated energy management for both homes and businesses. ZPN Energy is fueling a disruptive transformation through accelerating the deployment decentralised renewable energy. ZPN Energy delivers clean end to end solutions which propel the use of self-reliant and sustainable solutions, removing strain and creating freedom from the grid. ZPN Energy product portfolio ensures an uninterrupted of green energy enabling everyone globally to move towards a low carbon economy through reducing emissions and contributing to the Road to Zero.

“We specialise in streamlining the supply of ‘green ‘energy’ to the users at higher efficiency and reduced costs,” says Ian Stillie, CEO, ZPN Energy. With its robust power sharing technology, the company significantly reduces the strain on the primary electric grid by facilitating alternative flows from multiple “green sources of energy,” ZPN Energy equips its clients with a suite of solutions and services including energy storage and energy management software, which enables real time visualisation of the CO2 reductions. ZPN Energy has developed an HUBZ charging unit for the EV market. The technology powering the system alleviates pressure from grid, thus making charging faster and more sustainable while also enabling seamless management of networks to automatically optimise energy use.
The smart technology is instrumental in supporting the future of net-zero energy across commercial, public or domestic properties, utilising the cheapest green energy tariffs to store and use energy at the optimum levels.

ZPN Energy is the only company globally to have developed technology designed primarily to be compliant with the (Open Charge Alliance) OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) 2.0.1 specification. The OCPP 2.0.1 update consists of more intelligent charging functions, compliance to ISO 15118, delivers new and improved functionality and includes enhanced security features, creating a seamless charging experience for the end-user. The integrated energy platform uses sophisticated software and advanced analytics which turns the standard grid into a smart network alongside integrating data with physical assets to accelerate sustainability and deliver a zero carbon energy supply. “Today, there is an abundance of untapped renewable energies that are waiting to be utilised to their fullest capabilities,” mentions Stillie. He and his team at ZPN Energy aim to leverage these multitudes of zero-emission sources. The company’s rapid charging system is among the most sustainable solution in the global EV charging space. The combination of its power boosted battery storage, powersharing system, along with IoT and AIalgorithms, make smart communication between the grid and EV assets elementary and seamless. In addition, the HUBZ charging unit offers an extended battery life preserving the longevity of the stored battery. It ensures that users have access to an uninterrupted supply of green energy, which can be deployed entirely off the grid.
  • We specialise in streamlining the supply of ‘green energy’ to the users at higher efficiency and reduced costs

The HUBZ charging unit is a smart and intelligent system that will play an imperative role in the future of smart cities’ future as the world heads towards electrification. HUBZ guarantees a reliable supply of green energy alongside improved air quality and can help cities reduce their carbon footprint. Having an adequate EV charging infrastructure is fundamental for any aspiring smart city, and ZPN Energy has ground-breaking and innovative solutions fit to contribute towards a low carbon future. Stillie has succeeded in positioning ZPN Energy at the forefront, capitalising on the convergence of the automotive sector, localised smart grid distribution, and EV charging. As someone who began his career in the coal mining industry, Stillie has been on the ‘other ‘side’ of the spectrum and is well-versed with the nitty-gritty of the energy industry. Today, drawing on his extensive knowledge and industry expertise, the CEO is steering the company beyond just hardware and engineering into the user experience aspects of superior energy management within the Industry 4.0. Stillie informs, “According to Moore’s law, the number of transistors doubles every year, leading to exponential advancement in computing. In the same way, charging technology will also witness rapid innovation in the coming years.” He hints that ZPN Energy aims to be at the cutting- edge of this growth, continually enhancing its hardware and software capabilities. Stillie expects that in the coming years, grid-dependent assets like EVs will be utterly reliant on charging and systems, and ZPN Energy is gearing for this emergence by bringing more significant levels of sustainability and cost-effectiveness into grid operation.

With a strong value proposition in place and innovation at its core, ZPN Energy is evidently paving the way for smarter charging functionality for the EV sector. Moving ahead, the company has no plans of slowing down. “It is not yet the time to sit on the laurels and wait for others to catch up to us,” remarks Stillie. The customer demands will keep on increasing along with the evolution of technology, and ZPN Energy is taking it upon itself to stay well ahead of the market curve.“ZPN Energy is on the road to a greener, zero-emission future. This will play a crucial role in making the planet a better place to live,” concludes Stillie.

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Ian Stillie, CEO

ZPN Energy is a leading British, fast-growing Energy Technology (EnTech) provider that designs, develops, and implements infrastructure technologies to win the fight against climate change. An UK-based fast-growing Energy Technology (EnTech) provider, the company designs, develops, and implements infrastructure technologies to win the fight against climate change. True to its goal to support zero-emission globally, the company deploys revolutionary smart green energy solutions across a variety of applications, including rapid and ultra-rapid chargers for EVs

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