Synchronize Income Development: Driving Dealership Performance through Knowledge and Innovation

David Paz, Partner & Chief Sales Officer, Synchronize Income DevelopmentDavid Paz, Partner & Chief Sales Officer
As digital technologies permeate the automotive industry, it has become imperative for the dealerships to rethink their processes and unlock greater operational efficiencies to stay ahead of the game. However, most dealerships are struggling to leverage the latest technologies and deliver the experiences that modern customers demand. Synchronize Income Development (SID) is turning the corner for the automotive dealerships by helping them with apt services and products that accelerate their business transformation, allowing them to be on top of their game. Unlike other service providers who offer superficial solutions, SID focuses on getting to the root cause of issues and bringing about the most accurate fixes to address them comprehensively. With a vast consulting experience in the retail industry, the leadership of SID creates synergy with its clients to solve problems related to finance and insurance (F&I), sales, inventory, and customer service, among others. “We specialize in not just one area of the dealership operations but the whole gamut of them, and we tailor our services and products for their nuanced needs,” extols says David Paz, Partner and Chief Sales Officer of SID.

SID keeps up with the industry trends and innovation and gets down in the trenches in the client premises to solve their issues. The company moves the needle in process innovation by delivering the right training to clients’ teams, preparing them to deliver the right customer experiences, improve sales, and grow optimally.
Believing in the idea of putting their money where the mouth is, team SID proactively interacts with the customers of its clients and rolls up its sleeves to deliver the required solution. It always remains in the hunt for improving the client operations through its unique client engagement strategy. At the outset, the team observes the management and sales behaviors of the client teams, diagnoses the issues based on their experience, and helps them improve the customer experience.

For dealerships with a growing inventory, it often gets challenging to manage the day-to-day operations, from floor planning to risk mitigation through reporting. Addressing these concerns, SID’s GPS-based inventory management solution aids the dealerships in areas such as vehicle location, risk reduction, customized alerts, floor-plan audits, and more. Implementing this solution is easy as it takes very little to no labor cost. The solution was originally built by LandAirSea Systems, previously the parent company of SID, and one of the pioneers in the GPS industry, which speaks volumes about its capabilities.
  • We specialize in not just one area of the dealership operations but the whole gamut of them, and we tailor our services and products for the clients’ nuanced needs

In the areas of finance, for instance, team SID can solve any issue and educate the client teams to follow the best practices to maximize the process outcomes. A case in point, a large automobile dealer, faced problems in the finance department when one of the managers fell ill. To address the issue, SID sent one of its financial experts, Brandon Bell, to the dealership to fill in the position temporarily. In just five days at the dealership, Bell made profitable deals and demonstrated strong teamwork by closely working with members from the sales, sales desk, and finance departments. Impressed with Bell, the client dealership adopted his unique strategy as part of their core process. The result was fruitful as the dealership went on to achieve an improved profit volume ratio (PVR) and front-end growth.

SID aims to be at the cutting-edge of technological advances and bring greater value to its clients, while offering a world-class partner for Dealer Owned Reinsurance options. Having clients throughout the US (and a few in Canada), the company plans to expand its footprint in their hometown Chicago and the northern Midwest region.
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Synchronize Income Development

Chicago, IL

David Paz, Partner & Chief Sales Officer

Synchronize Income Development has been very helpful since day one when we opened a brand new facility to not only run the finance department, but to make sure everything was set up correctly, efficiently, and in compliance. When Brandon Bell and Eric Edsen arrived, they took an office with only a computer, a phone, and a printer, to a full functioning finance office within the week. Brandon left after the first two weeks, and Eric has stayed to run the department by himself with a great start to success

Synchronize Income Development
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