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Seamus O’Donnell, Commercial Director of Marketing and Elizabeth Walker, Commercial Director of Finance, QUBESeamus O’Donnell, Commercial Director of Marketing and Elizabeth Walker, Commercial Director of Finance
Amid wrenching changes in global economics, technologies, government regulations, relative prices, and market dynamics, the task of strategic analysis and planning in the automotive business is fraught with uncertainty. As such, there is an ever-increasing demand from car manufacturers to harness the power of data to make informed business decisions. The challenge here is to provide meaningful information to manufacturers to ensure they are agile in responding to changes in consumer demands. Manufacturers must stay in line with these transformations and gain access to the right tools to procure intelligent data insights that are essential for sound decision-making and ultimately, performance.

Drawing on over 20 years experience in both the automotive and technology sectors, Qube provides vehicle manufacturers with strategic insights and the holistic, accurate, and timely information they need, through high-level business reporting, to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve KPIs across the business. “We are not just an IT company, We are Automotive Specialists,” states Elizabeth Walker, Commercial Director of Finance at Qube.

Using market-leading technology, Qube provides bespoke, detailed tracking and business reporting systems, which are tailored to individual requirements and generate business-critical information with a holistic view. The firm works closely with vehicle manufacturers, sales teams, and dealer networks to design and implement programs, which increase vehicle retention, revenue, and market share for its clients. Qube automotive consultancy provides industry-leading data management services through its Dealer Management System(DMS) interfaces, which automatically extract data daily and perform rigorous data processing and cleansing to ensure accurate, meaningful data.

Qube’s reporting systems are adapted from its four core solutions: Trade Reporting system, Life Cycle Reporting system, Performance Manager, and Bodyshop. The Trade Reporting and Management system allows vehicle manufacturers to retain and increase genuine parts sales via their chosen network and to capture back sales, which have been lost to aftermarket suppliers. Using data extracted from multiple dealer systems and other core business data, the Trade system gives its clients one source of data providing in-depth, precise, up-to-date reporting, including benchmarking. Qube’s Automotive Life Cycle Reporting system is a unique automotive consultancy tool in the industry and pools all relevant data about a vehicle’s life cycle to enable clients to optimise their sales performance, vehicle retention, and customer satisfaction, and to identify trends, which may impact future performance.

The Qube Performance Manager system supports sales teams with easily accessible, up-to-date data, comparing sales of accessories and parts to dealers across the manufacturer’s dealer network. This data supports revenue growth and incorporates KPIs unique to the company. The Qube Bodyshop system provides all the information required ensuring the maintenance and improvement of standards in manufacturers’ authorised bodyshops as it is key to supporting customer satisfaction. Accessible by both the manufacturer and the approved bodyshop network, the system meets individual requirements and encompasses consumer and commercial vehicles, making it a truly bespoke software solution.

Unlike traditional automotive consultancies that tend to offer off-the-shelf solutions and fail to match clients’ requirements or keep pace with their challenges, Qube delivers invaluable market insights and automotive consultancy services through its customer-centric and tailor-made approach. For instance, Qube has developed a unique business reporting tool for Nissan Central Europe, which is strengthening the performance of its dealer groups in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The ‘Parts Performance Monitor’ tool (known as PPM), automates manual functions to improve efficiency and provides daily, accurate, and relevant reports to dealers, the field force, and managers about parts and accessory sales across the dealer network. Automation is central to the PPM system and has improved productivity and sales of high-value components. By automating the process around incentives and bonus schemes, dealers have more accurate information about how they are progressing towards bonus targets, and the field force can identify zones, regions, and even individual dealers that need additional focus. By feeding up-to-date Car Parc data directly into the system, PPM also identifies potential sales. This level of information enables managers to set meaningful KPIs as well as monitor dealers’ achievement against their targets. PPM has been operating across Nissan Central Europe’s network since 2013 with regular developments each year to serve the changing needs of the business.

Having established itself as one of the market leaders in this industry, Qube is now aiming to grow the business into new markets by expanding its existing client base within the UK, mainland Europe, and beyond while considering other sectors such as commercial vehicles. The firm plans to continually keep abreast of new technologies and the evolving challenges faced by automotive manufacturers and develop new products and services to help its clients meet these challenges such as connected vehicles, which will provide much more abundant data source and opportunities for both its business/customers.
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Maidstone, Kent

Seamus O’Donnell, Commercial Director of Marketing and Elizabeth Walker, Commercial Director of Finance

Specializing in the automotive market, Qube’s business is as much about people and relationships as it is about vehicles. They have a strong understanding of the types of challenges faced by manufacturers and dealers. The company’s teams are passionate about providing an outstanding service as well as a range of unique products that will help your company accomplish its business goals. Their business strategy is to work in partnership with their clients to deliver a specialized service and add immense value to their business. The services provided by Qube include Data Management Services, Secure Data Hosting, Dealer Management Systems (DMS) Data Extract Integration, Core Reporting Systems, Channel Development, Business consultancy, and Bespoke Reporting Systems


"We are not just an IT Company, We are Automotive Specialists"

- Seamus O’Donnell, Commercial Director of Marketing and Elizabeth Walker, Commercial Director of Finance

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