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Why is the Demand for Connected Car Increasing

By Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The demand for connected cars increases among the consumers because it offers better safety and improved performance.

FREMONT, CA: Automotive production is slowly starting, but as unemployment increases, it is estimated that the market will get weak. The automotive industry's natural strategy to control expenses will decrease the marketing efforts and stop innovative projects. But it is not the case based on the present automotive industry trends. The development of connected vehicles, autonomous driving, and redefined business models can contribute to sustainable transportation.

Connectivity at the core of connected vehicles

Connected cars can be considered as the future of autonomous vehicles. Therefore, vehicle connectivity must be easy to apply and manage. It is also essential for the automakers to adapt to the transforming world where connectivity is critical. Connectivity has the power to change the equation between automakers and consumers. Such connected cars provide a better and safer driving experience, optimize energy consumption to decrease emissions, and smooth traffic. There are also technologies like the Automotive Edge Compute Consortium that helps the industry stakeholders to set new routes for connected cars. It can be done by increasing the capacity of the network and computing.

Enriched data insights and software can optimize performance.

The current vehicles available on the rods can drive more miles than ever before. It focuses on the requirement of vehicle manufacturers to ensure that the new technologies work smoothly. These vehicles are smarter and are mobile network-aware. The manufacturers have also shifted their priority from hardware to software because over-the-air software updates can offer new services and improved performance. Furthermore, remotely updating implanted software with cybersecurity is an essential mechanism for the manufacturers as they can guarantee security, decrease time-to-market, enhance safety, and increase the vehicle value proposition. Over-the-air updates offer better information about the vehicle, its quantifiable data, and how it works. It becomes easy to take corrective action to enhance customer experience and car performance.

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