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When AI meets Racing

By Auto Tech Outlook | Monday, January 14, 2019

Today in the area of motorsport professionals are working to embed artificial intelligence into racing. Which they believe will transform team's decision making at high speed by deriving insights from the collected data. Today teams are inundated with data on everything from pre-race track conditions to detailed telemetry from sensors monitoring every major component and system in the car.

To make sense from this data flood there is an AI platform accelerates digital transformation, to cleanse, structure, and harness these data. The technology identifies patterns, builds predictions, and gives suggestions about energy management, speed, or passing strategies using available data.

This makes pre-race strategy simulations both comprehensive and accurate. Drivers and their team strategists must know which action to take when race conditions changes. The team can take better decisions with improved simulations and predictive insights under the highest pressure imaginable to drive competitive benefit and win races.

 Technology is also changing the fan engagement beyond convention for ensuring sport thrives. When the regulations are changed for fan engagement drivers and engineers have to invest in understanding their impact. By using AI technology data engineering can be done to convert sporting regulations to structured data annotated with time, voice, video, and text explanations of the rules. The team can apply the rules among thousands of other variables to all its decisions and secure stronger performances.

Customer journey mapping and AI is used to help get closer to its fans. With enhanced strategies, the team can identify the optimal conditions to use the fan boost. Thus translating fan engagement directly into extra power and winning results.

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