What is the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Auto Industry?

By Lester D'Souza, Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 22, 2020

For over seven decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the talking point of a technological revolution, so in the automotive industry.

Fremont, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers never-ending opportunities to revolutionize technology in every industrial sector, and the automobile industry is not left untouched by AI. For instance, the autonomous or self-driven car is the hotspot in the latest research, and every car manufacturer is investing large sums in it. It is predicted that by the end of 2020, there will be more than 150 million AI-powered cars. Car manufacturers have started using several AI features such as voice-control, lane-switch, collision-detection, and so on to improve driver safety. As technology evolves, car accessories such as video cameras, sensors, and more are using AI to provide maximum comfort to the drivers.

Here are three essential points to consider how AI is improving the car Industry:

Driver Assistance: 

Before adapting to a fully-autonomous car, it is essential to evaluate AI’s capabilities by incorporating driver-assist features. AI uses various sensors for blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, collision detection, lane monitoring, and more to identify dangerous situations and alert the driver accordingly. Likewise, AI-based algorithms can analyze the data from vibration sensors to point out anomalies. Moreover, with the new technology coming up, one can determine the load the roof rack is carrying, which can prevent overloading.

Top 10 Electric Vehicle Companies in APAC - 2020Predictive Maintenance:

With the help of AI, the concept of maintenance shifts from preventive to predictive one. Rather than relying on the event-driven or time-driven approaches for scheduling the maintenance, AI can help in offering actionable insights for car maintenance. In addition to the historical data, AI utilizes sensors and contextual data such as geographic or weather details. By analyzing the data and with the help of machine learning, AI can offer alerts for real-time condition-based maintenance requirements for a car.

Driver Assessment: 

Complying with the history of the driver, AI can predict the issues leading from his absent-mindedness. By analyzing the driving pattern, AI can predict the risk of the driver’s personal or professional life. Similarly, by using fatigue monitoring devices, AI can monitor the driver’s vitals to alert him and control the vehicle in case of an emergency. An AI-driven camera can track drowsiness in the driver and trigger an alarm.

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