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What are the Steps Taken by Authorities for Automotive Cybersecurity?

By Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 19, 2020

What are the Steps Taken by Authorities for Automotive Cybersecurity?

Connected cars come with the challenge of cyber attacks. Authorities all over the world are taking measures to overcome these challenges.

FREMONT, CA: A physical device connected to the internet is prone to a cyber attack. With tens of millions of connected cars on the road and millions more to be sold in the coming years, threats to safety and privacy of passengers, drivers, and pedestrians are gradually increasing. Connectivity can make the commute safer, more productive, and entertaining, but at the same time, it leaves the vehicle’s delicate Controller Area Network (CAN) bus open to attacks. After gaining access, hackers can steal private and corporate data, hijack safety and safety-critical functions, and track individual vehicles. In the coming years, all manufactured vehicles will come with embedded, tethered, or smartphone mirroring connectivity. Car connectivity is no longer a pipe dream, as car connectivity has spread in the automotive industry.

 Automakers are concerned about customer safety and satisfaction. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), regulatory bodies, Tier 1s, technology companies, telecommunications providers, and organizations are working together to strengthen the industry's cybersecurity. The stakeholders are taking a multitude of approaches due to the dynamic and developing threat environment. For instance, the entities mentioned above have formed Auto-ISAC, which recently published guidelines to integrate cybersecurity in the entire lifecycle of the vehicle from production, servicing, and decommissioning.

Top Safety Solution CompaniesNational governments are also waking up to emerging public safety implications of vehicle connectivity. For instance, the 2015 Spy Car Act and the Your Car Study Act of 2017 demonstrates how US regulators were focused on vehicle cybersecurity in the past. Recently, the House of Representatives passed the SELF DRIVE Act in the US, and the US Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee passed the AV START Act. Both the bills would make cybersecurity essential for any automated driving system. To improve the Motor Vehicle Cybersecurity, relevant government agencies have created reports and guidelines such as Cyber Security and Resilience of Smart Cars by Federal Guidance and ENISA. In the US, heavy-duty trucks and commercial vehicles transported over $11.5 trillion of goods in the year 2013. The trucking industry is the pillar of the American and world economies, and it is powered by connectivity technologies that streamline deliveries, fleet efficiencies, reduce downtime, fuel costs, and more. Thus, cybersecurity for the trucking industry is equally important.

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