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What are the Recent Trends in Autonomous Vehicles?

By Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 25, 2020

With the introduction of new technologies, the demand for autonomous vehicles will increase.

FREMONT, CA: Automotive is one of the most data-driven industries worldwide. Today, manufacturers can collect numerous information about rivers, their destinations, the routes they have taken, and traffic patterns with the rising IoT and mobile technology. They can even estimate the time of maintenance of an oil change. Here are some of the essential digital transformation in automotive.

Always Connected

Nowadays, the customers want to get a seamless connectivity experience, which means connection through the office, mobile phone, and home and in vehicles. The drivers can stay connected with their preferred apps, entertainment, and music. The kids will also stay connected to the games of their choice or complete their homework. Earlier, there were cars with wi-fi, but the future vehicles will be more upgraded.

Autonomous Vehicles Edge Closer

Slowly the demand for fully autonomous cars is increasing among the consumers, due to which many big companies are also investing in it. The autonomous cars are still in a developing stage before th

e average consumers purchase their autonomous vehicles. These vehicles will be more comfortable for the users as they can quickly plugging their laptops on their way to work and do various other tasks while casually sitting inside.

Better Customer Experience in the Car

Earlier, in most of the cars, the navigation and voice control system were heavy. The voice commands were also extremely slow in processing. Today, the companies enhance the customer experience by utilizing systems like Apple Car Play that can reflect the direction given in the phone and generates a smooth transition between phone and car.

Shorter Model Cycles

The pressure of digitalizing is increasing every day, and it is about adding more new digital effects to the vehicles. It also means that the car's normal life cycle will be modeling technology's lifecycle as drivers utilize more new technologies whenever it gets available. Therefore, the auto industry will witness that the model cycle has moved from the previous average of five to eight years to one to two years.

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