What are the Benefits of Using Brake-by-Wire in Vehicles?

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The automotive manufacturers are using brake-by-wire in their new vehicles as it applies electronics in the mechanism.

FREMONT, CA: Many automakers are utilizing brake-by-wire systems in their new vehicles. The brake-by-wire procedures apply electronics into the mechanism. In a brake-by-wire car, pressing the brake pedal will send a signal to a brake control unit so that they can acute the brakes. A computer has to understand how much braking the driver needs based on pedal position and pressure. After gaining knowledge about the driver's requirements, an electric pump is used for pushing hydraulic fluid through brake lines, just like the traditional braking systems.

It might not be adequate to cut the direct connection among the pedal and brakes, but such systems have their terminations. For example, Audi's structure has a path for pedal pressure to act directly on the brakes as a backup.

There are some benefits of this technology because the pedal is not directly connected to the braking system due to which the pedal feel is artificially generated. The system allows the engineers to control how to pedal sense can be tuned.

The brake-by-wire provides more flexibility to install two braking procedures in hybrids and electric cars, such as the Audi E-Tron Sportback that utilizes both regenerative braking and friction braking. In every vehicle, brake-by-wire also offers it more control due to which it increases the effectiveness of driver-assist systems.

The by-wire controls also provide the designers with more flexibility when combined with battery-electric or hydrogen fuel-cell powertrains. With the system's help, the future cars can be designed by merely placing the new bodies on top of a standard skateboard chassis. In the early 2000s, the idea was first proposed by General Motors with the help of its Autonomy and Hy-Wire concepts. Today the idea is being put into practical usage by start-up Canoo, who has designed a complete framework that can be driven even without a body.

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