The Importance Of Simulation In Battery Development

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The Importance Of Simulation In Battery Development

Electric Mobility

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Electric Mobility

An Outlook On Present Auto-Tech Landscape

Franklin Zeng, CEO of Geely

An Outlook On Present Auto-Tech Landscape

Trends Influencing the Electric Vehicle Industry

Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, December 01, 2021

With oil costs rising, supplies decreasing, and environmental demands increasing, it's no surprise that people are looking for alternatives to fuel cars like electric vehicles.

Fremont, CA: Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, Norway, France, and Germany, have already passed legislation prohibiting the sale of new non-electric vehicles by 2025. As a result, the electric vehicle (EV) industry is one of today's most interesting, relevant, and critical fields of innovation. However, developing a viable alternative to the Internal Combustion Engine is not straightforward (ICE). Every day, new opportunities emerge as a result of breakthrough technologies. But it takes time to turn these ideas into motors, control technology, and batteries, to refine and polish models, and to encourage mass adoption.

Here are some of the main trends that are influencing the electric vehicle sector:

Intelligent vehicles

Fleets and private consumers alike are interested in autonomous, self-driving automobiles. Take, for example, Einride, the Swedish firm behind the T-pod and T-log, which has developed a system that allows a single operator to remotely operate many self-driving vehicles at the same time, eliminating the need for a huge, full-time crew of operators and drivers. This level of efficiency is reshaping entire industries.

Growth in EV production

EVs may be less expensive to operate and maintain than traditional automobiles. Unsurprisingly, this makes them more appealing to consumers, resulting in increased demand for more EVs in a wider range of models. Because the EV powertrain is a simple, largely interchangeable component, OEMs can concentrate on other aspects, customer needs, and niche markets without having to worry too much about it.

Advanced innovative designs

When compared to ICE vehicles, EVs have a significant disadvantage in terms of range. Although ICE has a lower overall running cost, it still has an edge when it comes to refilling alternatives, speed, and convenience. EVs take a longer time to charge and run out of electricity much faster. Developers are testing a variety of solutions, including interim possibilities like range-extending hybrids and interesting long-term options like the solar-powered car.

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