The Importance Of Simulation In Battery Development

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The Importance Of Simulation In Battery Development

Electric Mobility

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Electric Mobility

An Outlook On Present Auto-Tech Landscape

Franklin Zeng, CEO of Geely

An Outlook On Present Auto-Tech Landscape

Top Trends to Watch for in Electric Vehicles & the Supply Chain Industry

Auto Tech Outlook | Saturday, December 04, 2021

According to research, hybrid electric cars and electric vehicles will account for 30 percent of all vehicle sales by 2025.

Fremont, CA: Technology continues to advance and have an influence on people's lives. It is altering the way things get done in a variety of businesses throughout the world. The supply chain business is one of the most affected because electric vehicles are becoming more widespread than ever before.

According to research, hybrid electric cars and electric vehicles will account for 30percent of all vehicle sales by 2025. Vehicle manufacturers are working hard to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles.Carriers in the supply chain business have chosen clean running trucks as a result of this.

It's critical to understand how electric vehicles will change the supply chain sector. Companies that provide automobile transportation services get included in this category. Let's see developing electric car trends in this post. It will also investigate how trends may affect the supply chain business.

Here's the first trend that you should look out for today.

  • Interdependent Supply Chains

In the supply chain business, there's a lot more that needs to change. It's because altering automobile shipping fleets alone will not be sufficient to accomplish a long term energy revolution. To achieve this shift, chargers and electrical grids will have to adapt to sustainable energy as well.

Another trend one will see a rise in the development of more fuel efficient automobiles. Car transport companies will have both gas-powered and electric vehicles in their fleets. As a result, unlike what many people believe, the output of gas powered engines will not shrink.

  • Limited Lithium

Lithium-ion batteries power modern electric automobiles. However, there have been doubts over whether there is sufficient lithium to maintain their production. It's due to the ever expanding lithium ion battery business. Lithium, it has been said, is running out all over the planet.

It hasn't been good news for the electric car sector, which is already flourishing. The supply chain business, particularly vehicle automobile haulers, is considerably worse off. The planned switch to more fuel efficient vehicles to increase their automobile shipment business may not happen as quickly as anticipated.

  • Lower Consumption

Vehicle transporters all around the world have been concerned about consumption. The excessive utilization of shipping trucks drives up car shipment prices. However, moving an automobile will be less expensive when motor carriers upgrade their fleets to include more energy efficient trucks and some electric vehicles.

The good news is that electric vehicles will push efficiency to new heights. It will be about reduced gas usage and fewer emissions for energy-efficient trucks. It's good for the environment and will help to mitigate pollution related ailments. They will also result in very little or no pollutants getting released into the atmosphere.


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