Tips to Drive Safely in Fog

Auto Tech Outlook | Saturday, June 25, 2022

Driving in fog is dangerous due to poor visibility. Listed below are the top five precautions for driving in fog to stay safe.

Fremont, CA:  Driving in fog is hazardous due to poor visibility. The key precautions for driving in fog to stay safe are listed below.

Take it easy 

Do not drive rapidly if the user cannot see where they are going. Because dense fog covers the impression of speed by removing visible cues of velocity, use their speedometer as a guide to moderate their pace.

Make use of low-beam headlights

 A driver's natural instinct is to turn on the high-beam headlights when sight is limited. Driving in fog reduces vision even more since the high-beam illumination bounces off the fog and back at their car.

Make use of fog lights

Front fog lights on the car can assist in brightening the roads to make the vehicle more apparent to other drivers. In addition, some cars include rear fog lights, which allow following motorists to see the vehicle from a wider distance.

As a guide, follow the right-side pavement line

In dense fog, follow the white line painted on the right side of the road. Do not utilize the center pavement markers since they will lead them closer to incoming cars, which are also operated by persons who are having difficulty seeing where they are going.

Do not pull over on the side of the road

When users can't see where they are going, it's natural to slow down and stop. However, never stop on the road in fog. Instead, turn off vehicle lights and find a safe area to pull over as far from traffic as possible. Leaving their lights on may lead vehicles to believe that their taillights represent the lane of travel, perhaps resulting in an accident.


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