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Thirdwayv's AppAuth Cybersecurity Software for Mission-Critical IoT Systems

By Auto Tech Outlook | Thursday, May 23, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Thirdwayv announced the addition of AppAuth software to its list of patented products that offer layers of security-by-design protection in numerous mission-critical internet of things (IoT) applications. Thirdwavy is the leading end-to-end connectivity and security solutions provider for IoT applications. Comprising of three software modules, it provides trust to a system’s IoT devices, cloud, and smartphone apps. AppAuth works with Thirdwayv’s SecureConnectivity platform to connect safety-critical deployments such as the FDA-approved drug-delivery system.

AppAuth allows users to control mission-critical IoT devices in fields such as industrial, medical, and infrastructure markets using their smartphones. Vinay Gokhale, vice president of Thirdwayv’s business development, said that AppAuth enables their commercial and enterprise customers to bring trust to the mission-critical IoT systems through ideal management, reliable device and user authentication, and validation of the one system component to the other.

AppAuth also protects communication links and the environment surrounding such links. It assigns a unique cryptographic identity to each component and allows the elements to validate the authorities and functionalities of the other. AppAuth can be used independently or in conjunction with Thirdwayv’s SecureConnectivity solution.

In case of a smartphone app, AppAuth uses its hardware root of trust to monitor phone operating system authenticity and integrity, thereby protecting it from malware attacks. It also strengthens the app against tampering or reverse engineering threats. With its remote attestation feature, AppAuth module on the IoT devices enables it to validate commands from the cloud or phone before the completion of the request.

Steve Hoffenberg, director at VDC Research, an industry analyst firm, expressed that IoT systems are at risk because of their connectivity to the cloud services, smartphones, and other IoT devices. He also reasoned that IoT device designers must ensure that only the currently trusted entities can connect with their products by incorporating authentication and access privileges at various levels.

AppAuth software is already licensed to lead customers, and by June 2019 it will be available in the market. Its availability is ensured over a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs).



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