The Role of Big Data in the Automotive Industry

Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Automotive industry can rely on several big data tools to deliver better and safer vehicle services.

Fremont, CA: “Big data” refers to massive amounts of constantly changing data that are challenging to handle but have immense value in terms of analysis, allowing us to deliver new and improved user experiences. This information can help the car industry improve driver safety and enjoyment and deliver better and safer vehicle services.

Big data can be categorized into three types:

Structured data

Structured data is well-organized information with a formal structure that can easily store, process, and retrieve using standard search engine algorithms. Such information is often kept and handled in a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), in which all fields hold length-delimited data, making searching a breeze.

Unstructured data

Unstructured data is information that lacks a pre-defined schema or data model. This information might be in the form of text or graphics, and humans or machines can create it. Non-relational databases, such as Not Only Structured Query Language, are commonly used to store this data type. Emails and other forms of communication are typical examples of unstructured data.

Semi-structured data

Semi-structured data is a mixture of structured and unstructured data. Modern databases are semi-structured because they can hold both structured and unstructured data.

Here are some tools used for processing big data:


Tableau is an excellent big data analytics solution that visualizes data for easier analysis and comprehension. Humans are visual creatures by nature. It is easier for humans to comprehend something that they can see rather than something that requires them to use their imagination. Tableau is the way to go if one wants a data analytics solution that isn't built for engineers or developers. It also offers mobile assistance, with iOS and Android apps available for download.


Splunk is another excellent data analytics and visualization application for collecting and visualizing machine data. It's a simple-to-deploy, simple-to-use software that's massively scalable and comes with real-time notifications for changes in data patterns or activities. Splunk has a dashboard that allows for easy visualization as well as various filtering options. It can usually handle any type of data. It also has a pretty nice report generation feature that might be useful depending on users’ needs.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics focuses on data visualization, rapid data insights, report generating, and other features. Many businesses can benefit from Zoho's out-of-the-box integrations with a variety of different software and applications. In comparison to Tableau and Splunk, this product is less expensive. When compared to the two, it also has a shallower learning curve.

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