The Role of Automation in Driving Business Outcomes

Auto Tech Outlook | Monday, January 14, 2019

In the recent years, there has been a constant debate around the effect of automation on employment. Although marketing professionals may stick to the belief that a business is strongly about human interaction, technology experts believe that automation can strongly usher business and work culture.  

The advantages of automation are better efficiency, financial and time saving, but the benefits are not limited to these. In the recent decades, marketing has evolved significantly due to digitalization. The presence of digital technologies has broadened the spectrum that businesses can use for marketing through websites, blogs, social media, online ads, all of which require a business to work on new strategies.

The involvement of automation in marketing helps to bring down the manual friction involved in managing media-based marketing. Automated mails to target recipients belonging to a select segment of audience can help in saving time and energy spent to send mails manually. The data that is collated from marketing process is subjected to automation as well.

The customers in the market are not bound by the lack of choices. Having acted on a previous offer, the prospect could receive a mail that is customized to them, instead of a generic mail, based on previous purchase and buying trend. Consequently, the use of automation in marketing helps to look beyond merely targeting a group, and providing individual focus on each prospect. This solves one of the most prominent challenges faced by marketing professionals—the possibility of losing a prospect due to a mail that was not relevant to them.  

The coming in of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has provided an opportune time for companies to adopt innovative means to market themselves. GDPR demands that accompanies provide information about their customer data acquisition means, demanding for transparency, and increasing trust between brands and buyers. Also, GDPR ensures that the data collected is safe and secure. Digital transformation not only is a means to save the expenses for organization and improve the workflow, but also to a strategy to serve customers better.

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