The Impact of Data Analytics on Car Dealers

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Data analytics can help car dealers to gain a significant advantage over their business competitors by offering valuable insights. 

FREMONT, CA: Each day, the automotive sector, like many other industries, deals with new challenges. In such challenging times, data analytics for car dealers offers alternatives and intends to be the change-maker.

Data analytics provides an ideal opportunity for car dealerships that are optimistic and eager to capitalize on technology to differentiate themselves from the competition. Here are few ways through which data analytics are proving to be invaluable for automotive sales. 

Behavioral Analytics for Customers

Today, automobile dealerships worldwide have various range of communication channels. Companies now depend on social media networks for interaction, marketing, research innovative new sales processes, and dealer websites to enhance the overall car purchasing experience of the customers.

Quantitative techniques can be used by implementing the insights gathered from data analytics. This procedure entails gathering information from internal and external sources, such as dealer management systems (DMS), sales and marketing databases, demographics databases, and many more.

Marketing Expenditures Management

Once companies have identified a suitable target audience, they can start optimizing the marketing mix. 

The optimization process will begin with data analytics tools that collect and analyze the customers' behavior and marketing information to achieve more valuable insights. These analytics assist automotive companies in quantifying the value of marketing tactics, sales, and macro trends.

Supply Chain Management

Data analytics for dealer management are also beneficial in managing supply chains as it reduces risks while driving growth. To facilitate a seamless supply chain, factors such as regulatory environments and variance in production output figures from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) must be considered.

If things don't go as arranged, companies may find themself in difficult circumstances like part shortages and stagnant inventories. But with data analytics tools, they will have a wealth of data at their disposal to assist them in overcoming these challenges.

How Auto Dealers Utilize Data Analytics

When a potential customer goes car shopping, they will typically conduct extensive comparative research among different vehicle brands, models, and, of course, prices. As an auto dealer, it is crucial to understand that if they perform well in these comparisons, they will gain more clients and a larger market share.

This requires detailed data analytics for automotive dealerships, either from the Internet or showrooms, to fully understand what customers want. Finally, they should make an effort to seize any opportunity to be perceived as superior to the competitors. It all starts with understanding the data they gather and devising effective plans to work with it.

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