The Growing Popularity of RFID Automatic Parking

Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, October 01, 2021

The Growing Popularity of RFID Automatic Parking

Summary: RFID Automatic parking can have a good first impression on the guests when they enter a venue as it saves their time and makes their parking experience hassle-free.

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People don't enter a venue by walking through the entrance; instead, they enter by turning onto a property. The parking lot is the first and final impression that visitors have of an event. By increasing the fan experience, security, income, and costs, RFID automatic parking systems enhance your venue's financial, operational, and marketing goals.

Here are four advantages of RFID automatic parking:

Enhance safety and security

An owner can always know who is on their property, thanks to RFID automatic parking regulations. This information can be used to establish the correct staffing numbers as they gradually close down for the night after an event. Knowing how many cars are left and who the drivers are can help you spot potential safety or security issues, or simply provide an opportunity to improve the customer experience: the owners of any cars left after a certain amount of time can receive a text asking if they are OK and need any assistance.

RFID parking tags offer a seamless guest experience

Many of the inefficiencies of venue parking are eliminated with RFID automatic parking systems. When entering and exiting your parking lot, attendees with an RFID decal on their window or a parking badge on their rearview mirror scarcely need to slow down. They don't have to stop, hit the button, and obtain the ticket as they enter. They won't be caught behind that one driver who appears to forget he has to pay and spends what seems like an eternity searching through his wallet and counting the coins on the way out. Better better, smart parking solutions that use RFID eliminate the need for attendees to be concerned.

Reduced staffing costs

On event days, RFID automatic parking systems lower the number of workers required by a venue. Because RFID parking tags eliminate the need for drivers to contact with personnel on their way in and out, the more widely the system is used, the fewer parking lot attendants are required. As a result, the necessity for and cost of parking lot attendant booths is reduced.

Collect data to make the user experience better

One can tell when someone enters their RFID automatic parking lot with an RFID tag. That's excellent security, but it's also excellent hospitality. They may text visitors with up-to-date information on promotions or pre-game events when they arrive and route them to the least crowded access points. The RFID tag lets the venue attendant know if an arriving driver is a season ticket holder or VIP, and that they are only minutes away. They can now greet guests by having their regular meal or drink orders ready for them when they arrive at their seats.

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