The Applications of Robots in Automotive Manufacturing

Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, October 29, 2021

Robots have been employed in the automobile sector for a long time, and they are still used in various ways today.

FREMONT, CA: Automotive production has historically been one of the first and most aggressive adopters of industrial robotic technology, which continues today. In some form, robots are used in practically every aspect of automotive manufacturing, and the industry continues to have one of the most automated supply chains in the world.

While there are several robotic applications available in the business, there are six that stand out as the most prevalent and valued market.

Robots that Collaborate

Collaborative robots are designed to work with other robots in massive assembly lines. To ensure the efficient operation of such assembly lines, robots must collaborate between handling and welding robots.

Automated Painting

Professional painters are scarce, and the task is exceptionally hazardous. This makes it ideal for robots, as the paint job must be highly consistent across a broad area of paint, and minimizing material loss can add up to significant savings over time.

Automated Welding

For a long time, robotic welding was the leading robotic application in the automotive sector, as each car requires many welds to be completed. Given the finished product's high worth, automation yields significant productivity.

Automated Assembly

Robots assemble minor components such as pumps and motors at rapid speeds in many automotive facilities. Robots are frequently used to execute operations such as windshield installation and tire mounting to boost throughput.

Material Elimination

Robots excel at material removal procedures such as trimming and cutting due to their consistency and reproducibility. This could be in fabric cutting, plastic molding and die casting trimming or even mold polishing.

Part Transfer and Maintenance of Machines

Pouring molten metal, transferring metal stamps, and loading and unloading CNC machines are all dangerous operations best handled by a robot. When carried out consistently and with minimal downtime, they can also be a significant source of productivity.

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