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Shyft Auto Launches Republic.co

By Auto Tech Outlook | Sunday, November 01, 2020

Shyft Auto Launches Republic.co

Shyft Auto seeks to revolutionize the automotive industry with its new  Republic.co.

FREMONT, CA: Shyft Auto, a contactless vehicle service software for automotive repair purposes, has launched the Republic crowdfunding campaign, that is oriented to help in connecting consumers with automotive service facilities for contactless service experiences. With this, customers can connect with automotive service facilities (ASF) through a mobile iOS, Android, or even a web-based application.

The innovative and highly reliable contactless solution allows the customers to schedule appointments and pickup and delivery requests and also track the status of the vehicle when it is under service. Additionally, the solution also allows the users to communicate with the service facilities and make the payment only after the service is fully done as per the demands and needs of the customers. This digital module of contactless vehicle service software merely requires any online portal, be it a web application or a mobile phone app, to do business.

Shyft Auto is one of the leading providers of highly innovative, technological, smarter, intuitive, remote, and contactless solutions in the automotive industry. The company aims to design and develop a futuristic and efficient platform for vehicle service facilities to engage customers better and help the automotive companies reap greater benefits. The portfolio of offerings that Shyft Auto delivers is those that have the capability of shifting the paradigm of the automotive industry from legacy framework to that of new and high tech landscape. The suite of solutions that this company provides would help the automotive players in the modern market to unlock an increased stream of revenue, retain customers, and shoot up the service standards to access greater customer satisfaction.

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