Role of AI in the Future of Automotive Sector

Auto Tech Outlook | Monday, January 14, 2019

Like most industries, the automotive sector is no exception when it comes to integration of AI in their process, for transforming most aspects of the auto-manufacturing process, right from the vehicle manufacturing process and inventory management including research and design, project management and business support functions, to improving the quality control. From driverless cars to robots on the factory floor to Toyota’s $1 billion investment in AI-based self-driving technology and IBM Watson’s partnership with the General Motors OnStar platform, AI is all set to revolutionize the automotive industry. One of the most significant innovations in today’s automotive manufacturing industry is the development and proliferation of driverless cars or assisted driving.

AI and machine learning are creating better possibilities for reading and analyzing data from vehicles. Carmakers collect vast amounts of data on traffic conditions and human responses to develop algorithms for self-driven cars and their assistive features. Another AI contribution that is making a huge noise in the market is the vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The idea of using AI is not restricted to just driverless cars but also has the potential to change the automotive manufacturing supply chain in an equally profound and effective way. AI gives cloud computing and cloud-based intelligence the ability to integrate many aspects of a consumer’s life via their vehicle. The integration of advanced analytics, big data, and other top technological platforms with AI, assist the automotive manufacturing companies in producing vehicles that primarily act as a command center for all driving-related innovations. With AI as an increasingly common technology platform, the automotive industry is set to experience significant changes in upcoming years in supply chain management and production.

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