Role of AI in the Auto Industry

Auto Tech Outlook | Monday, December 14, 2020

Artificial Intelligence is all set to shape the future of the auto industry.

Fremont, CA: The automotive industry is witnessing a sea change with technological jumps and strategic realignments promising to usher the industry forward, from hybrid and electric vehicles that promise driver enjoyment balanced with environmental protection to artificial intelligence (AI), which promises affordability and safe mobility within a few years. Read on to know more.

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Carmakers have been gathering vast amounts of data on traffic conditions and human responses. Data including avoiding obstacles and collisions, on how people react, on what a driver is likely to do when faced with a situation, on-road networks and weather conditions. Once the data is collected, it requires to be processed in a dynamic fashion. That's where AI algorithms enter. Self-driven cars are controlled by algorithms that have learnt from processing the large amounts of data collected by carmakers.  Adaptive systems that learn from the hundreds of millions of miles of driving data that has been collected to act faster than the most quick-witted human driver. Sometime in the future, the world will see cars share data, with the AI in the car.

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While self-driven vehicles might be the most visible advantages of AI, there's more to this. From user interfaces that recognize drivers' preferences to self-learning diagnostic systems that warn of failures, to navigation systems that use real-time data and traffic modelling to make journeys shorter. In fact, analysts estimate that the market for automotive AI could touch $14 billion by 2025. In future carmakers will roll out fleets of self-driving vehicles, allowing customers to use ride-on-demand services. People will hail a cab controlled by an AI through an AI-driven fleet management system, and once inside, other AI systems will personalize route and infotainment according to past preferences. As a person begin a ride, the cab will communicate with other vehicles around to ensure safety.

All this may seem like a dream at first glance, but give it some more thought, and it becomes clear that the next frontier of technological innovation is nearer than imagined, and it is all due to how AI is fastening the pace of transformation.

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