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Brokering the Cloud Services

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Balancing Information and Technology

OmniVision Announces OAX4010 Automotive Image Signal Processor

By Auto Tech Outlook | Monday, May 20, 2019

FREMONT, CA: OmniVision Technologies, a leading advanced digital imaging solution provider, announced the OAX4010 automotive image signal processor (ISP) laced with new HDR and LFM Engine combination algorithm. OmniVision’s CMOS technology allows superior image quality in several commercial and consumer applications, such as notebooks, tablets, mobile phones, and webcams.

 The OAX4010 LFM image sensor allows more intelligent decision-making than OmniVision’s widely deployed OX01A10 and OX02A10 image sensors when working over the automotive range of temperature. Moreover, OAX4010 processes images at 60fps from one camera and 30fps for two cameras.

These systems incorporate ADAS requirements such as HDR and LFM with the transition from SoCs to stand-alone ISPs. Earlier, the designers using competitive devices had to choose among optimizing dynamic range or flicker mitigation, predominantly above 80 degrees Celsius. But OAX4010 provides drivers with an added bright and dark scene details that eliminate LED flicker and increases safety. The OAX4010 can be used for a range of imaging applications such as e-mirrors, rear-view camera, and SVS. The ability to provide HDR and LFM at extreme temperatures becomes crucial because specific applications like e-mirrors are continuously running at high temperatures.

The pairing of OAX4010 with OX01A10 and OX02A10 provides the most compact solution even for the smallest camera footprint. Further, the combination of OAX4010 with leading HDR and LFM enables Tier-1 manufacturers to design a camera that is used in both e-mirrors and SVS. This helps to create better economies of scale since one camera platform is deployed in several CMS applications.

OAX4010 samples are available and are certified for AEC-Q100 Grade 2 and ASPICE CL-2 for automotive applications. 

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