The Future of Transportation: It's not as Far off as You Think

Steve Griffith, Industry Director, PMP,...

The Future of Transportation: It's not as Far off as You Think

The New World Order of Mobility Systems

Steven Atneosen, Managing Director, Grand Chasm...

The New World Order of Mobility Systems

New Ways to Apply EV Technology

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Nearly every automobile manufacturer is pursuing EV technology, and many industries are looking for ways to adapt the technology for their products.

FREMONT, CA: The first appearance of EVs began in the early 1820s when horse-drawn carriages were commonplace, and the world was searching for other solutions to animal-powered vehicles. By the coming of the 20th century, electric vehicles were extremely popular. Nearly one-third of all vehicles on the road were early EVs. Tesla established itself as the leader for high-end electric vehicle technology, making EV technology popular among luxury vehicle and performance vehicle enthusiasts. There's still plenty of EV growth ahead. Learn more here.

Battery technology―the electronic systems that keep EVs functioning and safe―and electric motor efficiency were challenging factors that functioned against EV production in the 20th century. Contin

uous advancements in each of these technologies, including the invention of lithium-ion in the 1980s, paved the way for a rise in EV manufacturing and consumer adoption. Consumers witnessed an increase in travel range, charge capacity, safety, efficiency, performance, aesthetics, and affordability.

Charging station availability was among the long infrastructural bane of EV ownership, and it continues to grow. New materials like silicon carbide have allowed revolutions in legacy silicon technologies,

 showing more promise for optimizing EV efficiency and power usage. Other technological optimizations, including high-voltage current protection, signal isolation, and battery management innovations, continually drive EV performance. People can expect new electric vehicles to enter the market, developing Tesla's innovations and other well-known EV manufacturers. Legislative innovations in Europe, ever-increasing demand in Asia, and a boosted awareness of fossil fuels' environmental effects will ensure that EV technology continues to evolve.

Consumer road vehicles aren't the only ones going electric. Formula 1, the pinnacle of automotive racing, also is taking the momentous leap toward full-electric motor technology. In a sector where torque and efficiency are paramount, it was only a matter of time before EV technology found a residence. Seafarers also rejoice at the prospect of a boat that never requires to dock for fueling. Electric boats may soon arrive, enabling boaters to access the world's vast waters using only wind, solar power, and electric motors.

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