New Software To Assist Alexandria Drivers To Avoid The Traffic And Earn Prizes

Auto Tech Outlook | Monday, July 18, 2022

Alexandria drivers will soon be able to use new software to help them avoid gridlock and reward them for doing so.

FREMONT, CA: Multimodal navigation systems may improve accessibility for persons with visual impairments. In a multimodal approach, the user can provide instructions and receive guidance in their preferred mode. Metropia has come up with that their free multimodal navigation software, GoEzy, has been officially released in Alexandria and will be used to help the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Smartphone Travel Incentive Study. The GoEzy app helps drivers avoid traffic and spend less time behind the wheel. As part of the trial, Alexandria drivers could get significant incentives for using GoEzy's tips to enhance their commute over the following few weeks.

"Many drivers have simply given up and accepted traffic as part of their day," states Chris Colemon, leader of Smartphone's recruitment efforts, "but the truth is you can make small changes to avoid traffic and reduce that stress in your life. The GoEzy app will actually find and suggest those changes for you, and for a limited time, Alexandria drivers could be rewarded for trying them out."

In addition to GoEzy's novel features, tens of thousands of Alexandria drivers will receive special offers to alter their ordinary travel, such as departing for a trip earlier than usual, carpooling or biking to work, or utilizing a handy bus route to school. By implementing these recommendations, commuters can receive rewards such as Visa, Amazon, and Starbucks gift cards.

As drivers utilize the GoEzy app, the Smartphone Travel Incentive study will gain a deeper understanding of traveler behavior, how incentives influence travel decisions, and how these findings can be used to shape future transportation policy.

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