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New Flyer Introduces Real-Time Analytics Dashboard for Electric Buses

By Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Electric Vehicle Technology

A cloud-based real-time, business analytics dashboard, Connect 360TM is for Xcelsior Charge battery-electric buses.

FREMONT, CA: The largest bus manufacturer in North America, New Flyer, has introduced a real-time, cloud-based business analytics dashboard for Xcelsior Charge battery-electric buses. The New Flyer Connect runs the Connect360TM dashboard.

New Flyer Connect uses cloud-based technology to track bus performance, and it also accesses its analytics 24/7 via a web browser, smartphone, or tablet. It is the industry’s first IoT technology-based application for smart mobility.

Battery health and charge, outside air temperature, GPS, average speed, energy, and HVAC consumption per mile, and regenerative braking are some of the business intelligence and key insights provided by Connect360TM. These insights can improve decision making, optimize fleet utilization, conserve energy, and improve driver performance while reducing costs. It is included in every new Xcelsior ChargeTM ZEB. It provides a complete view of operational performance to help agencies get a better grasp on the technology as they transition to zero-emission fleets.

New Flyer President, Chris Stoddart says that he is proud to build on the success of New Flyer Connect with Connect 360, providing analytics that makes the zero-emission buses even more efficient, reliable, and sustainable. As public transit becomes increasingly optimized for smart, connected cities, New Flyer continues to evolve its analytics technology. By Connect 360, they are developing intelligence, insight,  and efficiency for operating battery-electric transit buses, which transit agencies across America can leverage to help integrate zero-emission buses into their fleets, and to improve data-driven sustainability in the overall operation.

The dashboard allows agencies to translate data into graphs and measurements for improved data visualization, which in turn can help optimize ZEB fleet performance and improve all aspects of bus operation, including drivers, passengers, and maintenance.

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