Must-have Safety Features to Check before Buying Your Dream Car

Auto Tech Outlook | Thursday, June 23, 2022

Automobile safety sensors that can prevent accidents from occurring are known as crash avoidance systems or collision avoidance systems.

Fremont, CA: Cars have come in leaps and bounds since their invention more than a century ago. One of the most significant areas of improvement has been the issue of safety. Except maybe the car itself, a variety of variables influence automotive safety, including road design and driver characteristics. The latter is shown by the effort to prevent drinking and driving.

This article, on the other hand, will look at the elements that have been introduced to automobiles, either through government regulation or customer choice, to make current cars the safest in history.

Crash Avoidance Technology 

Automobile safety sensors that can prevent accidents from occurring are known as crash avoidance systems or collision avoidance systems. When the automobile senses that a driver is approaching another car or an object too quickly, the brakes can be deployed automatically. To identify things in front of the automobile, these systems use radar and LIDAR.

Electronic Stability Control 

Some SUV types are more prone to rollover incidents due to their design. Unfortunately, most of these rollover incidents resulted in catastrophic injuries and deaths. Fortunately, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is a device that greatly minimizes the risk of a rollover.


The airbag absorbing the seat belt's impact prevents individuals from being thrown from the vehicle. The early airbags had their drawbacks, with many being overly strong and increasing the risk of damage to young passengers. Airbags, thankfully, have gone a long way, saving thousands of lives and preventing countless injuries.

Instead of a single airbag that inflates from either the steering wheel or dashboard, modern automobiles frequently have numerous airbags. Some examples of airbags are siding torso (body protection), knee airbags, seatbelt airbags, and even motorbike airbags. In addition, pedestrian airbags are available in some automobiles, such as the Volvo V40, to lessen the risk of catastrophic harm to pedestrians if they get struck by a vehicle.

Anti-Lock Braking System 

For a good reason, anti-lock braking systems have become standard on practically all ground vehicles. As a result, it is conceivable for the wheels to lock up when braking without ABS. Before ABS, drivers had to rely on threshold and cadence brakes to bring their vehicle to a stop in an emergency.

ABS improves vehicle handling in general. For example, bikes with ABS are 37 percent less likely than motorcycles without ABS to be involved in a fatal accident, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety research.

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