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Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, March 20, 2020

RJ Cobalt, Founder and CEO

The combination of real-time sensors with artificial intelligence results in a next-generation automotive solution.

FREMONT, CA: Cobalt Industries has launched a personalized artificial-intelligent operating system, YouX™ for Cars. The automotive technology company, Cobalt Industries develops products based on neuroscience, affective computing, design, art, and social science. The newly launched technology, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers cabin solutions by processing real-time sensor information.

RJ Cobalt, the Founder, and CEO of Cobalt Industries explain, “passenger experience is the battlefield of the future in automotive.” The company provides innovations with the vision of executing the Level 5 self-driven cars and beyond.  YouX’s unique AI capabilities allow the engine to learn from the behaviors, trends, and desires over time and providing the passengers with a personalized, and seamless interaction, every time.

The founder continues, “we have a deep respect for the heritage and experience of OEMs, and are convinced that the only way forward is through a holistic effort driven by data and software expertise.” The software built in cooperation with OEMs provides customized vehicle experiences while securing the user’s data. The instant responsiveness to the user preferences and behaviors creates an ultimate environment with entertainment, safety, and accessible platform for next-generation vehicles. YouX integrates the sensor data from series production cars with its new interactive model and enables a closed-loop system. The software carries the ability to integrate with the wide variety of automotive cases, optimization of passenger experiences, and corrective action recommendations.

With the aim to achieve futuristic mobility, Cobalt’s premium passenger experience combines with real-time biofeedback, external factors, and behavioral preferences. Cobalt Industries demonstrates new levels of personalized experiences to measure real-time emotional and subconscious requirements using the sensors such as camera, microphone, telemetry data, and more. RJ Cobalt quotes, “We are witnessing the greatest evolution in transportation since the transition from horses to combustion engines. With this fundamental change in personal mobility, we have the opportunity to redefine the entire automotive experience.”   

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