Mer and Driivz Collaborate to Equip Transnational EV Charging Infrastructure

Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Mer and Driivz Collaborate to Equip Transnational EV Charging Infrastructure

Mer selects Driivz to standardize its EV charging infrastructure operations in Europe, which will kick off in the Nordic region.

FREMONT, CA: Mer, a major electric car charging infrastructure operator, has adopted Driivz's charging and smart energy management software for its charging infrastructure operations in the Nordic region and is moving to complete implementation. This move follows the successful rollout of the Driivz platform, which was used to successfully operate EV charging trans-national operations in the UK and Germany.

With Driivz, companies of all sizes have utilized EVs in their organizations to branch out, gain new streams of revenue, reduce TCO, and streamline office management. Driivz is providing an easy way to accomplish all of this while keeping intelligent energy management in mind.

“Mer’s vision of linking EV charging to renewable energy sources is perfectly aligned with our own goals of helping create a more sustainable future and reduce CO2 emissions while providing their customers with a reliable, advanced, easy, and convenient EV charging experience," says Doron Frenkel, Founder, and CEO at Driivz.

The Mer Group is Statkraft's EV charging global business—it is Europe's largest renewable energy generator. Mer offers public charging networks and charging solutions for individuals, businesses, and private and public institutions in Norway, Sweden, the UK, and Germany.

Since the start, the team has focused on a single goal: being the most customer-friendly electric charging station service. The acquisitions and consolidation of electric vehicle charging networks throughout Europe had a significant impact: The services, equipment, country-specific standards (e.g., the Eichrecht), and transaction interfaces needed to be better managed.

Mer has decided they require a single system to operate all company transactions and activities across Europe to address the issues.

“We wanted a future-proof, international EV charging solution that could serve our entire business areas,” says Mer CTO Camilla Moe. “After exhaustive evaluations and successful integrations, and months of live use in Germany and the UK, we decided to move all our operations to the Driivz platform with a rollout across all regions. An optimized EV charging network across Europe is essential to achieving our mission to make the shift to sustainable e-mobility easy and accessible to European EV drivers by offering innovative solutions and customer experiences.”

The critical aspects of the system had to include features like support for different countries' functions, such as Germany and the UK's, international billing, and energy management and reporting. The system also had to link to and utilize other of the company's solutions as needed. Other significant reasons included the ability to customize platform components according to the unique challenges of various markets.

Having verified Driivz's impressive capabilities in a comprehensive assessment, Mer concluded that it offers the most powerful, complete, and advanced electric vehicle charging management platform on the market. This solution includes multilingual and multicurrency functionality, allowing roaming on compliance-approved networks inside Europe with entire internal movement. To be up and running for as long as possible, charging points should include self-healing capabilities.

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