Living Vehicle Announces the Availability of Lithium-Ion Power System

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Living Vehicle Announces the Availability of Lithium-Ion Power System

With the continued disruption of COVID-19, advanced energy helps Living Vehicle reimagine what is possible for adventure, safety, and everyday life.

FREMONT, CA: As Americans seek alternatives for safe living and travel in the COVID-19 pandemic, Living Vehicle partners with Volta Power Systems on lithium-ion storage for the 2021 Living Vehicle luxury travel trailer that enables users to live off-grid and recharge electric vehicles (EVs). The Living Vehicle provides up to 3080 watts of solar and 47,600 watt-hours of energy storage, the highest lithium-ion system available in a luxury trailer. Living Vehicle owners can also charge their EVs at rates of up to 44 miles per charge-hour using optional 240-volt exportable power.

To enjoy true off-grid living, access to reliable energy is a necessary and life-sustaining resource for safety, health, and comfort. The company’s customers value the flexibility to avoid RV parks and stay anywhere with all the luxury comforts of shore power. Living Vehicle has seen customer demand to meet its production run in the high-end trailer market for several years. More akin to a luxury apartment than an RV, the vehicle blends modern architecture with self-sufficient technology to enable a high-end, off-grid living experience. The luxury trailers leverage advanced energy storage, redundant generation, and water conservation technology to preserve and extend utility resources for days or weeks while still supporting high-power amenities like air-conditioning, appliances, and entertainment. Coupled with solar and optional liquid propane generation, Living Vehicle offers customers the opportunity to maximize their time off-grid.

The announcement comes as Americans are finding creative ways to satiate their wanderlust during the COVID-19 pandemic. Would-be adventurers show a preference for more self-sufficient domestic travel options like RVs, resulting in skyrocketing demand. Living Vehicle is positioning to meet these demands with even greater freedom and safety.

Living Vehicle releases three different models for 2021, each with increasing Volta system sizes accompanied by hefty solar power generation setups. The 2021 PRO model offers 47,600 watt-hours of energy storage with an industry-leading 3,080-watt solar array. For users with a companion EV or planning for an electric tow vehicle, Living Vehicles 2021 models will also support exportable power for EV charging directly from the trailer.

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