Karamba Security's Autonomous Cybersecurity Technology Ready for Expansion

Auto Tech Outlook | Thursday, May 30, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Connected smart devices have become the mainstream of technology front in the past years. The introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) which later followed this trend has become a tool for data gathering and information proliferation. The downside of this combination is the cybersecurity risks of devices that are connected to each other as hacking one device can gain access to the rest and the data just like that.

Providing consistent and constant security for both devices and the data in the network is a difficult challenge, but not impossible. Karamba Security, a cybersecurity service provider specialized in embedded security for the automotive sector, has launched their autonomous cybersecurity technology which can detect, monitor, and protect the various edge, IoT and embedded devices.

In a move to expand their products and services, Karamba will be partnering with Wind River, a global leader in developing software for intelligent connected systems, to expand their services into the automotive, aerospace industry, defense, industrial, medical and embedded systems. This go-to-market partnership is expected to produce products that are built-in, embedded, and highly efficient in protecting the connected devices and systems.

Karamba had recently successfully deployed software technology for the connected systems in vehicles. Following this, automotive product manufacturers have equipped themselves with Karamba’s autonomous security software. The independent software can protect connected devices in vehicles against Remote Code Execution (RCE) attacks with greater efficiency and minimal performance impacts.

The automated runtime integrity software of Karamba can self-protect automotive, Industry 4.0, IoT, and enterprise edge products against Remote Code Execution (RCE) cyber attacks with a little performance impact. For a manufacturer, this means less brand damage, revenue loss, and liability risks from cyber attacks. With a proven track record Karamba is now looking to expand to other domains where connected devices need better security.

“At present, the connected system providers face their greatest difficulty in ensuring that their products and safe and secure,” Ami Dotan, Karamba Security co-founder, and CEO said. This expansion comes at the right time as embedding Karamba’s software into existing infrastructures offer upgraded protection against hackers. We quickly recognized that demand for our automated device hardening technology applies to multiple markets and a myriad of products, he added.

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