Advancing Role Of A CHRO

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Advancing Role Of A CHRO


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The "Art of No"

Decoding Emotional Purchase Decisions

Laura Schwab, President, Aston Martin

Decoding Emotional Purchase Decisions

Automotive Connectivity Innovations Require A New Approach To Cybersecurity

Tim Frasier, President of Automotive Electronic...

Automotive Connectivity Innovations Require A New Approach To Cybersecurity

IoT Solution for Enhanced Security Features for Vehicles

Auto Tech Outlook | Thursday, March 28, 2019

The automotive industry is going through a major transformation. IoT plays a significant role in inventing technologies in this rapid change and growth. These new inventions will enable the automotive industry to grow and cope with the ongoing transformation. There would be better data transformation and authorization in the network with proper connectivity between vehicles and roads. This facilitates better vehicle-to-vehicle communication and road-to-vehicle communication, thus increasing road safety and efficiency.

Road dangers can be controlled to a greater extent with the proper use of IoT. The proper deployment of multi-sensor objects combines with machine-learning analytics tools helps to analyze information and make the roads safe for decision making. IOT also allows drivers to adopt safer driving habits by alerting them when speed is exceeded, indicating the wearing of the seat belt, and guiding the speed.

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Mojio, known for its connected car platform, has partnered with electronics giant Bosch to create a new solution for the car's crash detection and emergency call (eCall). The concept is to use a plug-and-play device that connects to the OBD-II port of the vehicle to access vehicle information and monitor its status via an app.

The latest solution update is to integrate two features: an algorithm for crash detection and an emergency service call. The algorithm uses the OBD-II device’s accelerometer sensor data which is able to sense and measure a crash in real-time. Also, by sensing real-time data, it will send an alert to the Mojio cloud platform and trigger an emergency response alert. A useful feature of the system is that it not only requires police or ambulance assistance, but it also records key information about the crash, such as the exact time it occurs, the location of the vehicle, and the severity of the incident. This should be reassuring for people driving in areas with low traffic and worried about being stranded in the event of an accident.

In addition to calling for local emergency services when a crash occurs, the eCall system will also send an SMS to identified emergency contacts such as friends or family members to let them know what happened. The service will cost about $10 a month, and the technology can be used in any vehicle regardless of age.

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