Innovative Technologies Driving the Automotive Industry

Lester D'Souza, Auto Tech Outlook | Thursday, March 31, 2022

The automotive industry continually strives to innovate and leverage efficient solutions to make vehicles safer and more comfortable to drive. The vehicle manufacturers introduce new features within a short period, which makes it challenging for car buyers to choose the right technology for their cars. Here are a few technology solutions that car buyers can have on their checklist:

Multi-Angle Surround View Cameras with High resolution: surround view cameras reduce the blind spots improving the visibility of the driver. The camera assists with parking and can also be used to keep an eye on the back seat passengers. Traditionally surround view cameras only featured in luxury cars, but many car makers have started offering these cameras in mainstream sedans and family SUVs.

Wireless charging: Smartphone makers have started offering wireless charging capability to the mobile devices. Many automakers have taken a cue and started providing a standard or optional feature to wirelessly charge a device through charging pads that are present in the central console.

Vehicular Control via an App: Automakers are taking significant advantage of the smartphones by allowing the customers to interact with their vehicles through a mobile application. These apps allow a user to monitor the area around the car. It also enables the users to use many other features like powering the car, honking the horn, and so on.

Digital Gauges: digital gauges create a dynamic screen to share relevant and customizable information. Some Automakers have added new variations to the digital gauge, allowing a user to have a better view of their vehicle behavior and performance.

Steering Avoidance: As we inch closer towards a fully automated vehicle, Automakers are introducing new features to move closer to that reality. Many car makers are providing steering avoidance systems that will be able to swerve to miss an object in the road ahead of the vehicle. It can also keep the car centered in the lane.

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