Innovative Industry 4.0 Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Lester D'Souza, Auto Tech Outlook | Monday, March 15, 2021

Car manufacturers use industrial robots for a massive range of tasks from welding, assembly, and inspection, painting, and surface coating to glue dispensing, all of which can be simulated within RoboDK software.

FREMONT, CA:  Canadian robot software provider RoboDK partners with automation specialists RobCo S.W.A.T. from Bulgaria to offer the world's leading automotive experts with innovative Industry 4.0 solutions. The company is excited to partner with RobCo S.W.A.T. to offer flexible automation systems for automotive car manufacturers like Audi, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, and Porsche. RoboDK offline programming and simulation software offers automation cell designers unprecedented robot simulation opportunities and facilitates simultaneous hardware devices alongside leading robot brands.

A recent project for Mercedes-Benz, RobCo S.W.A.T. leveraged RoboDK software to simulate ABB and Motoman robots performing on a range of automotive manufacturing operations, including assembly and painting. By combining Rhino and RoboDK, the company can provide high-quality integration at an affordable cost. Specialists in the streamlining of automotive production lines, RobCo offers the world's pioneering auto brands with complete robotic services from cell design, modeling, and customized hardware to software and mechanics. The power and versatility of RoboDK software aids to help one of the pillars of RobCo S.W.A.T.'s automation strategy – simulation and programming industrial robot arms.

The company implements control systems, fluid systems, simulation software, electromechanical engineering, and six sigma management. 0When someone has access to these instruments for testing and configuring their automated systems, they become more effective, and systems can be realized much quicker. RoboDK software allows RobCo S.W.A.T.'s engineers to program robots outside the production environment. The potential to create robot programs away from living production lines empowers robot engineers in many ways, from eliminating the production downtime connected with shop floor programming to offering a safe, simulated environment for testing different cell design scenarios.

Auto manufacturers don't have to be world-class engineers with the right software tools to simulate and program industrial robots. RoboDK software's ingenious drag-and-drop design functionality and library of fifteen robot application instances from robot machining to polishing mean that even end-users with no programming expertise can set-up simulations and create robot programs within minutes.

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