How Automotive Simulation is Helping the Automotive Sector

Auto Tech Outlook | Thursday, October 15, 2020

The automotive sector is implementing mode digitalized technologies due to which automotive simulation and testing play a significant role.

FREMONT, CA: The development of new cars and the introduction of new vehicles have rapidly increased. Previously the OEMs used a lengthy procedure for prototyping so that they can develop new car models. The advancement in technology has helped the carmakers use the digital twin method for bringing the models past the prototyping phase in a cost-efficient and faster way. Automotive simulation plays an essential role in developing cars, two-wheelers, trucks, three-wheelers, and other mobility forms.

Top 10 Automotive Technology Consulting/Service Companies in Europe - 2019The cars and trucks are investing more in developing advanced vehicle technologies like smart electronics, autonomous driving, and safety control software. Automotive simulation has a vital role to play. It will also help the manufacturers to continuously put more effort to enhance fuel efficiency and cutting vehicle emissions.

Presently every part of the vehicles is re-engineered to enhance the electrification, apply smarter control systems, light-weighting, and energy efficiency. Therefore, the automotive simulation can help the engineers to provide these innovations rapidly by embracing virtual prototyping and testing. Some organizations offer software solutions to provide validated models, best-practices, sub-models, and methodologies designed for modern-day vehicles' detailed engineering requirements.

On a valid digitalized representation of any system, stimulation can develop experimentation. Furthermore, the process also avoids the development of scale copy. Instead, it is modeled at a digital level in the computer by utilizing equations and algorithms. It even provides the engineers with the capability to develop a diverse environment which can be analyzed in computer models. The utilization of simulation models in business can also be extremely dynamic. It can be frequently used to conduct tests and validate the vehicle models during the initial stage of prototyping to save cost and time.

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