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How Automotive Industry is influenced by Connected Car Tech and Gamification

By Auto Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 25, 2021

Gamification technology is an important breakthrough in the automotive sector designed to offer a safe and secure driving experience.

FREMONT, CA: Connected car technology was originally considered a wonder of science fiction, but presently, this field is gaining huge attention, and breakthroughs are assisting in making this science fiction stuff a reality. This connected car technology is becoming an industry standard as early as 2020, says the report. Although hype surrounds this technology, some are not so optimistic about such early commercialization. This technology may take longer than originally thought to be an industry standard. Whether optimistic or pessimistic about the implementation of connected technology, it is a fact that connected car technology is the next big thing to happen in the automotive sector.

The specific features that make this technology special are that the cars will be armed with sophisticated sensors that would feed on the driver’s behavior and vehicle data to make intelligent driving decisions and make driving safe. This technology will meet customer needs for security, safety, and convenience factors by offering support to a host of new applications that will deliver a unique perspective to driving.  Currently, gamification software is improving a person’s driving skills.

Especially, gamification software is the core of attention, and many experts agree that this gamification technology could be the new standard in the auto industry. The gamification software is considered as the new industry standard that all automotive firms would include by 2020. As with the increasing popularity of connected-car technology, auto insurance firms have also entered the market and are releasing new products. They are coming up with business models that will assist them in capturing the new market. They have already launched a program that is tailored to track user driving behavior and then present them a discounted policy based on their driving behaviors, and they are sure that the connected car technology would assist their product in enhancing. They would be able to serve the customers in a better way.

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