How AI is Helping Automotive Dealership Management

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 02, 2021

To stay ahead of the competitors, auto businesses need to embrace AI technology.

FREMONT, CA: In today’s digital transformation era, customer experience is the key element to successfully thrive. Customers control when, where, and how they would like the interaction with the dealership. They have always connected anywhere, anytime and conduct extensive research and comparison across several channels even before deciding to speak with dealers. To reach today’s customers' growing expectations, automotive dealers must stay competitive and introduce AI solutions to facilitate omni-channel buying and selling processes. The modern automotive dealer management system provides a lot more to offer what the current business landscape requires to scale and grow compared to a conventional dealer management system.

• Effective Customer Service Experience

With minute and steady steps, AI is assisting the dealers in remediating customers’ issues. Starting from a chatbot where customers can ask different questions and get it cleared in the initial stages saves many works for dealers. Furthermore, the dealers are advantaged with AI deployed in the calling system. It analyzes the call to know the caller’s requirements. AI plays a significant role in post-sale experience and inventory. The sales management software proves to help make this experience easy.

• Focused Marketing

AI can be vital where focused marketing is required. The dealers can leverage programs to automate the emails to the targeted audience searching for a vehicle or speak to the customer service representative. The web analytics shows the ads to the targeted customers, which makes sales seamless.

• Cyber Security

As technology is a vital part of the dealership business, it is also under the threat of getting hacked. The AI technologies can generate sophisticated cybersecurity to keep the data secured. The customized AI technology finds the cyber threats across the whole system and keeps valuable data protected. The AI technology developed with superior machine learning can identify suspicious activity without having human interference.

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