Here's How AI Can Increase Speed, Accuracy Of Driver Safety Tech

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 05, 2020

AI can gain feedbacks and validation loops that allow the “machines” to grow smarter at a rapid pace.

Fremont, CA: Like in every multiple other areas, artificial intelligence (AI) provides a systematic backup for the electronic circuits for an automobile. The advancement of technology not only keeps an eye on the vehicles’ smooth functioning, but also provides safety for both vehicle and the passengers. Although the system can study by itself human interventions at times can also help in this process.

Many software developers regularly use human review for machine learning (ML), gaining a feedback and validation loops that allow the “machines” to grow smarter at a rapid pace. In the transportation industry, ML can power the advancements in autonomous vehicles, driver safety systems, digital freight matching and other applications. Perhaps one of the most important usages of AI is the management of safety technology used in an automobile. AI helps such systems to increase the speed of processing data and accuracy, ensuring the passenger’s safety.

Here are a few instances where AI can ensure safety with technology.

Safe distancing

Top 10 Automotive Technology Solution Companies in UK - 2019Whether driving in a highway or a city limits, keeping safe distance from the vehicle ahead at all times is safe. AI-enables safety techs have distance measuring algorithms that are connected through detection sensors. Such devices constantly measure the proximity of vehicles in the surrounding at all times. If any object is closing in within the specified safe range the system will issue warnings pertaining to the immediate collision or proximity alerts.

Driver behaviors

Latest AI-enabled products come with cameras inside the vehicle that observe the driver’s activities, especially for truckers and long distance bus drivers. Such applications observe and monitor the conditions and driving efficiency of the driver notes the physical conditions. The AI processors can calculate if the driver is tired or is having a mental issue from the live video feeds. The sensors attached to the application can issue warnings or notifications automatically if any such problems are found. Such systems can also predict the future outcomes at any given time and inform the same to the driver to take rest at regular intervals. More importantly, transportation companies can use the technology to better manage risk by changing future outcomes rather than reacting to present events.

Instant risk detection

AI devices in a vehicle can warn drivers about unsafe following distances, lane departures and objects in their blind spots. Some camera-based driver safety systems utilize video review services along with behavior analytics data of a particular driver. Few recent applications use in-vehicle artificial intelligence and multi-sensor fusion to perform real-time risk assessment. Such systems can also accommodate factors like driver distractions drowsiness, tailgating, hard acceleration, braking, cornering and weather, while providing more immediate information to drivers and fleet managers.

One of the main benefits of AI powered safety techs for automobiles is the increased accuracy of driver safety and risk management systems. It ensures that the motor carriers are able to take actions on areas that might otherwise go unnoticed.

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