Here Is How CIOs Can Enhance Car Accessories Sales In Five Steps

Lester D'Souza, Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The introduction of advanced technologies has changed the buying and selling method in the auto industry, so dealers have to adopt creative ways to boost sales.

FREMONT, CA: The dealers of the auto industry are facing several challenges to sell cars and accessories in the present century. Advanced technologies are changing the way of buying and selling cars, so most of the dealers are embracing new strategies of selling accessories to sustain in the auto industry.

Here are five tips to accelerate the sale of car accessories:

1. Make a top ten list: The dealers should prepare a top ten list of accessories because most of the customers remain curious about what accessories others are buying. The top 10 list will become helpful for the customer to decide which attachment they have to buy. It is one of the most straightforward solutions to sell the accessories to the customers.

2. Improve stocking: The other way to attract customers is to have the products readily on hand. The dealers should improve their stocks to serve the customers on time. They can also use the inventory to compare what parts customers are buying from other dealers so that they can include it to their catalog. These accessories can be used to put on display or to liven up the counter.

3. Review pricing strategy: To improve sales, owners should review the pricing strategy from time to time. One can break down the inventory into smaller categories to price it accordingly, and can apply a pricing margin to attract the customers.

4. Launch online sales channel: The internet exposes the business to a new global market at a fraction of the cost it would take to open a physical store. Nowadays, customers stick more to the online platform for shopping, so launching products online will accelerate sales.

5. Tie accessory sales to F&I products: Most of the dealers have begun to tie various products like body-side molding, splashguards, and wheel programs as a comprehensive protection plan. It will attract the customers as most of the customers want to add as much protection to the car as possible.

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