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Getting the Most out of Tax Codes

By Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, June 28, 2019

A sweeping change has been seen impacting businesses, especially auto dealer owners, where everything, starting from tax strategy to succession planning and inventory management have just undergone a transformation.

FREMONT, CA: Auto dealer owners have experienced a change in the industry due to technological advancements in the recent past, and have reached a point where it is ideal for examining the performance of the company.

There are a few ways by which the auto dealers can smarten up their tax strategy to increase the momentum towards a more profitable future:

Replenish Retirement Plans:

An effective way to defer dealership income and lower the existing tax liabilities is having a qualified retirement plan, which can also help in ensuring the position of the company based on supporting funds. Dealership owners should consider fueling their retirement engine with defined benefit plans; cash balance plans, or a combination of the two. In order to attract and retain talent, dealership owners can use nonqualified deferred compensation plans; meanwhile, tax can be delayed depending on the asset growth that funds the program by using cash value life insurance.


Auto dealer owners might find the method of using cash for accounting attractive due to its simplicity and flexibility in managing the amount of taxable business income filed in a tax year. But it can also be considered better to identify actionable opportunities for reporting accounting procedure transformations with other available revenue services. 

Multiple Income Lanes:

It is an advantage for the owners of family-run auto dealerships, especially to have numerous income lanes to acquire lower overall taxes. By paying reasonable salaries to family members for providing unadulterated services can reduce the amount of business income. Owners who prefer to shift a part of ownership but not the management can be benefitted by the method as it allows providing just the non-voting interests.

The Swiftness with Deduction:

Dealerships that operate in specified service trade or that are expected to go beyond the income thresholds, owners cannot spin-off different business functions into detached entities and be eligible for deduction programs. The plans that involve setting up trusts for children or others should be pursued with caution as they can be taxed individually to own interests in dealerships that qualify.

Minimizing Tax:

Auto dealers looking to retire or sell the company should control the horsepower of the increased tax exemption for putting forward the business without incurring estate or gift tax.

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