Germany to speed up electric car sales by offering subsidies.

Auto Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 27, 2022

In order to boost up electric car sales, Germany plans to offer subsidies and also easen payment procedures for purchase of electric vehicles.

FREMONT, CA: Germany's new administration plans to hasten the transition to more electric vehicles on its roadways. Olaf Scholz, the newly-elected chancellor at the head of a traffic light coalition, offered subsidies for purchasing the electric vehicles for a year in order to achieve this transition. The government announced that purchasing a complete electric car will continue to be subsidized up to 9,000 euros in 2022. For plug-in hybrid vehicles, the aid will reach up to 6,750 euros.

The government intends to have 15 million purely electric cars on the road by 2030. According to AFP, only 520,000 of them have rolled off dealership forecourts in Germany so far. Furthermore AFP stated that this financial assistance, which was implemented in July 2020, has played a significant part in the record surge in the market share of electrified vehicles in Germany. As per Renault Group, all-electric vehicles accounted for one out of every six vehicles sold in the country. In 2020, Germany will have 30,000 EV charging stations. The giant car-manufacturer reported that over a million public charging stations should fulfil the range needs of German automobiles by 2030.

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Peter Altmaier revealed, in May 2021, his plan to simplify the charging station payment process. He further added that in order for eMobility to have a breakthrough, they must not only offer finance for electric vehicles, but also make charging and payment more convenient. In the future, credit and debit cards will be accepted by public charging stations, which mean that these charging stations will be accessible to all clients, including those who do not own a smartphone. And since credit cards are accepted worldwide, this opens up charging stations for cross-border travel.

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