First Smart Cordless Tire Inflators Are Unveiled By OAK & IRON's ONE Series

Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, July 29, 2022

The OAK & IRON ONE Pro tire inflator has great cutting-edge motor speed technology features. 

FREMONT, CA: Car owners may alter tire pressure with a portable tire inflator anywhere and anytime they need to. Portable tire inflators, commonly referred to as tire air pumps, give car owners year-round access to quick and simple tire inflation. Proper tire inflation is essential for best safety, fuel efficiency, and even tread wear. OAK & IRON, the global leader in automotive parts & accessories, unveiled the ONE series, one of the smart electronic cordless tire inflators that enable 3-minute instant pumping to assist consumers in fixing flat tires quicker than they ever imagined. Even before OAK & IRON's unveiling project, it was chosen by the Kickstarter editorial staff as a "Project We Love" cohort.  

5-Mode 3-minute inflation

The ONE PRO is the most sophisticated and quick-inflating product series on the market. By improving the motor, engineers could develop a product that takes just 3 minutes to inflate a 195/65 R15 tire instead of the 8 to 15 minutes it usually takes. It is also really simple to use and comes with four extra preset modes and one custom mode.

LED Display, 3.2"

Real-time data, such as tire pressure, battery life, and inflation modes, are shown on a 3.2-inch screen. This feature provides users with concise product information to immediately grasp the details.

400 days of reserve energy

A lithium-ion 10,400mAh rechargeable battery is included with the ONE PRO. Compared to the typical 5,000mAh goods now on the market, that is a 2x increase. The ONE PRO can effortlessly inflate four 195/65 R tires with the help of an incredibly durable battery, and it can run continuously for up to 45 minutes.

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