Evpro+ Electrified Vehicle Systems Training Program Is Unveiled By Futuretech Auto

Auto Tech Outlook | Monday, July 25, 2022

A comprehensive training program for EVs with optional certification exams is available through EVPro+.

FREMONT, CA: A comprehensive blended learning training program and resources supporting electric, hybrid (HEV), plug-in, and other electrified vehicle technology systems are made available by EVPRO+ to technicians, service advisors, instructors, students, engineers, managers, and other automotive - transportation service professionals.

The unveiling of the EVPro+ training program is declared by FutureTech, the top automotive aftermarket distributor of training, software-driven diagnostic instruments, and support solutions for Electrified Vehicle Systems and Technologies.

The EVPro+ program is unveiled as one of the first comprehensive training standards-based - commercialized International EV training programs with the completion of the 5 Pilot Training Events as of July 2022.

EVPro+ program highlights and resources are provided below:

Four levels of training:

• Level one- Architecture and High Voltage Vehicle Safety Systems

• Level two- Diagnostics and Energy Management for High Voltage Battery Packs

• Level three- Three-Phase Systems at Level 3 (Regen, Power Inverters, and e-Trans/Drive Units)

• Level four- HVAC, dc-dc, power electronics cooling, Levels 1-2-3 Charging Systems

Online training programs with tests for progress evaluation

• Searchable and timestamped closed captioning (Section 508 compliance); for user convenience

• Flipbooks for course content that is interactive and keyword-search-friendly

• Learning assessments to monitor progress in the understanding course material

Current Class Technician Hands-on component is provided by the joint partner Adaptive Learning, and Quarto Technical Services technologically support it.

There is an "OPTIONAL" certification component to obtain this level of EV Certification.

This option is available after completing all training requirements for the four EVPro+ levels.

Each level of 5-year international certification is confirmed and given by: Passing both the practical and written proctored exams with a minimum passing score of 80 percent is required by SAE-ITC.

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