DTS Announces a World-First Neuromorphic Driver Monitoring Solution

Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Luca Verre, CEO

New sensing technologies complement standard vision system potentials, improving occupant safety, allowing increased personalization.

FREMONT, CA: DTS, a leader in next-generation audio, imaging, and sensing technology, and a subsidiary of Xperi Holding Corporation announces a world-first neuromorphic driver monitoring solution (DMS), powered by Prophesee Meta vision - Event-Based Vision sensor.

Leveraging the raw feed from the Meta vision - Event-Based Vision sensor, the DTS AutoSense team, developed driver-centric monitoring features like gaze tracking, head pose, identification, and eyelid opening. With more than 20 years of experience in neural solutions and computer vision, and with billions of products based on their solutions, the Xperi team maps and embraces in-cabin monitoring (ICM) technologies to existing and future sensor-centric trends.

The next-generation in-cabin experience needs intelligent sensing. The vital path to this is a sensor fusion-focused advanced research strategy. DTS AutoSenses’ research team is centered on state-of-the-art sensing solutions, and neuromorphic sensing can shape the industry's future. The neuromorphic sensors capture information at an equivalent frame rate of 10,000 frames per second without active illumination. This allows better low light performance for driver monitoring features and never-before-seen potentials like saccadic eye movement or micro-expressions, vital next steps in the next-generation in-cabin experiences.

Xperi depends on an end-to-end data generation, and training system developed to address the particular demands of the sensor. The training data set was created based on Xperis extensive computer vision infrastructure, reusing ground truth from the visible and near-infrared spectrums, synthesizing a new approach in neuromorphic-based sensing.

DTS AutoSense's innovative AI-powered approach underscores the potential of Prophesees sensor solution to offer OEMs with an effective safety enhancement for vehicles of all types. The company is delighted to partner on this first-of-its-kind technology with Xperi and its forward-thinking, high-caliber team.

DTS AutoSense comprises a Driver Monitoring Solution (DMS) and an Occupancy Monitoring Solution (OMS), the first to be tailored into passenger vehicles projected to be on the road in 2021. Working together, they offer actionable insights into activity inside the vehicle, such as the driver, passengers, pets, and objects, to generate a better, safer experience.

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