Disruptive Digital Trends Transforming the Automotive Sector

Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, May 24, 2019

Digitalization is the cause of emerging transformations across multiple aspects of business, providing unparalleled opportunities for productivity. From automating and speeding up the process of designing new models of cars to enabling the vehicle to drive themselves, digital transformation in the automotive industry is being redefined.

Autonomous vehicles seem to be remarkably futuristic is emerging today. The spread of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep neural networks, and the development of autonomous vehicles which require no human intervention even in a complicated situation will complete the redefine the use of individual mobility platforms.  

Going to a car showroom, exploring models, going for test drives, the paperwork, and approvals are daunting tasks. With the help of AR, the customer can skip all these procedures. A customer can experience how the car drives, sounds, and feels all the comfort from their own home. With automotive spare part solutions available for purchasing customers don't have to wander from shops to shops or wait for their orders anymore.

With cars increasingly becoming connected digitally, the need for a higher level of security is becoming necessary. Blockchain will benefit the automotive industry in data safety, vehicle security, transparency,  automotive financing and many others. Blockchain technology is providing the highest level of protection available.

With the advent of additive manufacturing, designing of automotive parts with complex structures that take the time or are difficult to achieve via conventional methods will become more comfortable, the cost and development time of prototyping and manufacturing of functional, durable and rigid parts will reduce, paving the way for novel ways of conceiving and producing motor vehicles.

Air is increasingly getting polluted due to the increase in the number of vehicles and the smoke emitted from them. Fortunately, electric cars are gearing up, and the coming year will see a good rise in the demand for those. People are also becoming conscious of global warming and the scarcity of fuel and are wishing for more electric cars, which will soon be replacing the smoke-emitting vehicles.

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