Demystifying AI and ML for Scaling Customer Experience

Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, February 22, 2019

Businesses have more data than ever and housed invaluable insights. These treasure house of data have the potential to accelerate every business operations. But how? It is artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) give the tool to harness business data and provide potential insights. The applicability of these technologies is vast.

AI and ML to Boost Customer Experience

AI and ML are no longer mysteries. Companies across the world are discovering ways on how they can leverage these technologies to enhance customer engagement and experience significantly. Delivering exceptional customer experience (CX) remains a significant differentiator in business. There is a boom in the use of AI and ML to enhance CX. It helps organizations to gain insights from customer data and assist marketers to apply those insights along the path to purchase. AI and ML automatically tailor messages, content and offers to the individual.

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When AI is applied, a machine is programmed to conduct tasks that mimic human behavior. ML is a type of AI application when offered enough data and rule; machines can iterate and learn for themselves. ML can be used to test many marketing models and algorithms to find one that fits for individual context. AI fastens facilitation of thousands of customer interactions, and ML can aid marketers to promise that the products, services, and communications remain relevant for each customer throughout their journey. When integrated these two technologies can deliver organization-wide frictionless customer experience in real time and on a scale previously unimaginable.

Use Cases

1. Smart Content Curation: AI algorithms can record a customer's browsing data and website experience to understand how that individual interacts with an organization's content. It helps to create one-on-one personalized content.AI backed programs are also capable of learning from customer's feedback.

2. Intelligent Chatbots: Chatbots assists in creating successful customer service strategies for enhancing customer service, engagement and hence CX. All an organization need is to employ AI bots as proactive agents for all online visitors.

Companies that embrace AI and ML will be better able to achieve personalization at a scale in line with the always-connected ever demanding consumer market. Harmonizing with the above mentioned can help deliver superior customer experience as part of the digital transformation strategy.

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